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Chapter 2450: Marriage is nearing (3)

Li Moying laughed softly as he intentionally blew a breath of hot air behind her ear.

Huang Yueli was originally planning to pretend to sleep but now she couldn’t keep up with the act as her elbow cudgelled him on his back, “That’s enough! You! I’m not in the mood to play with you today!”

Li Moying shook his head as he burst into laughter, “What are you thinking of? Isn’t your thinking a little too evil? I only wanted to hug you and sleep a while, haven’t we always been doing that in the past? Could it be that you’ve been controlled by your father for a few days and now you’re preparing to ignore me already?”

As he said that, he started to lower his volume, pretending to be pitiful.

Huang Yueli simply couldn’t do anything to him, this man… he usually looks so aloof and reserved but the minute he was in front of her, he instantly turned into a large hound who has no face nor skin, which made her heart soften.

The only thing she could do was to use the blanket to cover her head, hoping to pretend that she was an ostrich, “Alright, alright, enough with the nonsense, aren’t you going to sleep? Then hurry up and sleep!! I’ve already fallen asleep and now you’ve woken me up!”

Seeing that his little fox’s head was about to burst into flames, Li Moying’s lips curled into a smile and didn’t say a word more.

Huang Yueli was originally feeling very frustrated, feeling that she would probably remain sleepless for the entire night till dawn but in Li Moying’s broad embrace, she felt exceptionally quiet as though all her worries had vanished and very quickly, she submerged into dreamland.

Li Moying heard her calm breathing and propped himself up a little to look at her sweet sleeping looks as he lowered his head and stole a kiss by the side of her lips.

“Good night, my Li’er. Don’t worry, no matter what difficulties lies ahead, I will always be by your side.”

Huang Yueli had a relatively good night sleep.

The next day when she awoke, the skies were already bright.

Whereas the man beside her was gone, only leaving a slightly warm depression on the bedsheet.

Huang Yueli had a shock as she instantly jumped down the bed and she couldn’t even be bothered to wash up when she just casually put on an outer jacket and ran out.

“Father, Father!”

“Presumptuous, such a cold day and you just ran out like this?”

“Li’er, why didn’t you put on your boots? Don’t you know that you will catch a cold?”

She dashed out of her courtyard and heard both Bai Liufeng and Li Moying’s voices at the same time.

When Li Moying saw her looking like this, he totally wasn’t hesitant walking over quickly as he carried her up, “Yesterday there was an avalanche and the cave dwelling’s temperature is also affected by the outside world so don’t you feel that today is much colder than usual days? Quickly go back and put on your boots!”

“Wa…wait a minute, Father…” Huang Yueli was kicking her pair of slender calves in his arms, looking like a little fox tossing and turning around.

However, Li Moying’s strength was huge and his footsteps were swift as he held onto her and walked right back into the room in a few steps, as he put her down on the chair.

Whereas for him, he turned around and picked up her shoes as he personally knelt onto the ground and holding her little feet, he put on the boots for her.

Huang Yueli was originally still struggling but on seeing this dignified and powerful man, kneeling on the ground in front of her, she wasn’t able to say a thing for the moment.

Bai Liufeng followed them in closely as he also walked right in and happened to chance upon this scene.

His eyes flashed past a gratified look as he gave a slight cough.

Huang Yueli hurriedly withdrew her feet, “Father, you’re here. Yesterday night….”

She had just started the sentence when she was interrupted by Bai Liufeng, “Looks like Moying this child is really not bad to you. In this case, I can finally be assured to hand you over to him.”