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Chapter 2451: Marriage is nearing (4)

When Huang Yueli heard that, she raised her head abruptly and her eyes widened.

What? What did her father just say?

Had she still not woken up, and was having a dream??

Her father actually said Li Moying wasn’t bad! Moreover from that tone, he seemed to agree for the both of them to be together??

What show was he putting on now? She was definitely developing hallucination, ai, lack of sleep would easily cause problems…..

Huang Yueli was thinking as she pinched Li Moying’s arm hard.

The man’s shoulder’s muscles were hard like stone and no matter how she pinch, she wasn’t able to grab anything and moreover, there wasn’t much expression on Li Moying’s face, nor did he cry out in pain.

Huang Yueli nodded her head thoughtfully, “Indeed a dream…”

Li Moying’s eyes flashed past a smile as he stretched out his hand and pointed at her perky nose, “Who says you’re dreaming? This is real! You weren’t awake earlier and I have been discussing our marriage with your father earlier…”

“What? Father, you really… really agree to us getting married?” Huang Yueli was really not able to recollect her senses until now.

Because this matter was simply too miraculous!

Huang Yueli originally felt that it would be very good if Bai Liufeng was able to acknowledge the marriage agreement between Li Moying and her and in future, they would definitely need to drag a few years, with their persistence and hard work before they could hold their wedding as they wished.

Whoever knew that Bai Liufeng’s stand actually changed that quickly?

Why was it that it just took a night and he directly agreed to them getting married? It was simply a three grade jump?

Wait, last night…

Huang Yueli suddenly recalled the matter that happened the night before and linked the two matters up together as she slightly pondered over it and suddenly felt that something was amiss.

She turned her head and took a look at Li Moying.

Li Moying naturally knew what she was thinking and winked at her while Bai Liufeng wasn’t watching as he opened his mouth, “Father-in-law was just discussing with me, to prepare returning back to Blue Profound Sect with us and attend our wedding.”

“What??” Huang Yueli had just regained a little composure and now she was struck by lightning.

Today was really filled with surprises! Although it was a joyous matter, but she was really shocked by this…..

Bai Liufeng actually was going to return back to Blue Profound Sect with them, and personally witnessed her getting married?

“Father, is this true?” She looked at Bai Liufeng who was just behind Li Moying.

Bai Liufeng looked at her, then looked at Li Moying and with a slightly complexed feeling, he still nodded his head and said, “Indeed so. Father had thought through this yesterday, Young Sect Master Li is indeed a promising junior and has a respectable status. His innate talent is compatible with yours as well and what’s most important is that he indeed is true to you. I think, even if you get married one hundred years later, you might not be able to find another partner as compatible as him again.”

Huang Yueli agreed with this from the bottom of her heart as she kept nodding her head.

Looked like it wasn’t that her father couldn’t see Li Moying’s positive traits but had intentionally picked on him! So he knew it very clearly!

Bai Liufeng saw her nodding her head and was feeling out of sorts, almost couldn’t help but say that he was regretting it!

But his mind quickly flashed past yesterday’s Snow Phoenix Palace in the snowstorm and his ears seemed to echo what that person had said to him.

Bai Liufeng clenched his teeth and continued to say, “Since you’re going to get married sooner or later, might as well for you to get married earlier, at least there is someone to take care of you. No matter…. what happens in the future, at least you will not be alone.”