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Chapter 2449: Marriage is nearing (2)

However, Li Moying’s thin lips had already pressed down against hers and a man’s breath instantly invaded her breathing.

Huang Yueli initially was a little resistant but Li Moying was very patient and his thin lips gently touched her lips and waited for her to slowly relax.

Eventually, Huang Yueli started to open her lips under his ambiguous fine kiss.

Li Moying then started to probe in his unbridled tongue as he fed the tea into her mouth.

Huang Yueli originally did not have any water for the entire night and was now extremely thirsty. But as she was very worried about Bai Liufeng, she didn’t have time to think about drinking water.

Right now after she was fed by Li Moying, she finally felt thirsty as her two hands were placed on the man’s neck, drawing him closer as the tip of the tongue licked him lightly, drinking every single drop of water cleaning.

It was now when she backed off a little and stuck out her little tongue, “So thirsty, I still want to drink!”

Li Moying’s gaze landed on the tip of her little pink tongue and his gaze dimmed.

He took a step back and lifted up the teapot as he filled the cup full with tea once again.

Seeing Li Moying holding up the cup, Huang Yueli consciously stretched her hand towards him, “Thank you!”

However, out of her expectations, Li Moying didn’t pass the cup to her. Instead he lifted his head and containing the tea in his mouth, he pressed near her once again.

“Hey, Li Moying, I can drink mys…. mmmph!”

Huang Yueli’s protest was stuffed back into her mouth.

Her eyes widened and she could only allow Li Moying to press her down against the chair, to borrow the name of feeding her tea while kissing her carefully everywhere.

By the time Li Moying was finally satisfied and he let her go, Huang Yueli’s face had turned crimson red and she had a resentful expression as she stared fiercely at him.

Li Moying gave an evil grin, “What? Why do you keep staring at me? Could it be that you’re still not satisfied and you are anticipating…. To develop into the next step?”

“Develop your head!” Huang Yueli gritted her teeth as she hissed, “I want to sleep! If you dare to move around recklessly, tomorrow I’ll ask my Father to beat you up!”

When Li Moying heard her childish threat, he almost didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

A girl with a good father was always hard on her words and soft in heart. Huang Yueli had never been like this in the past, she would have given him a tight slap herself directly!

Now things were different, she always used Bai Liufeng to threaten him!

Actually, even if Bai Liufeng’s current ability was much higher than his, but Li Moying was basically not afraid of him. But as he was Huang Yueli’s father, he ought to love the house and the crow hence he would feel intimidated due to his love for her hence he had no choice but to restrain his usual overbearing manner.

But this kind of Li’er, made Li Moying liked her even more.

With her fierce glare, childish threats and even those various absurd obstacles from Bai Liufeng made Li Moying feel that they were becoming just like a pair of ordinary childhood couple in love… as though those heart rendering life and death crisis had never happened before…..

These kind of days, if it could last on, just how nice would it be…..

But today such a strange matter happened and Bai Liufeng’s reaction… simply made him feel worried.

Somehow he felt that this tranquil beauty was about to be broken very soon.

Li Moying narrowed his eyes and suppressed the faint uneasiness in his heart as he slowly walked towards the bed and removed his outer clothing and shoes, then climbed onto the bed and laid down beside Huang Yueli.

Sensing the man’s strong and robust body leaning over, Huang Yueli’s body stiffened up.