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Chapter 2446: Return back to Blue Profound Sect (9)

When Bai Liufeng heard her voice, he went into a blank and turned around to look at her, his brows suddenly creased together.

“Lass Li? Why have you come out? The freezing zone’s snowstorm’s power is extremely huge and it’s not something that a seventh stage realm practitioner like you can handle! Quickly go back!”

Huang Yueli tugged the purple ferret fur cape on her, “Moying had brought me a coat and I’m not cold! Moreover Father you are wearing less than me! What on earth are you doing here?”

“I’m here, because I have something to do! It has nothing to do with you…” Bai Liufeng brought out his dignity as a father and wanted to chase Huang Yueli back.

However, Huang Yueli had already shot towards his position and looked towards the direction where he was gazing at earlier.

On one look, she was stunned, “This… this…. could it be…..”

In front of her eyes was originally Lone Sky Summit but right at this moment, the entire snow mountain had collapsed by half and whereas in this pile of ruins, a magnificently built palace was shown.

Moreover, they could see clearly that this palace originally should be buried in the lower part of Lone Sky Summit but now, a majority of it is shown on the ground level. Furthermore, it was gradually shooting upwards in a speed that was visible to the eye.

Li Moying and the others already walked over and raised their heads to look over, as their faces all revealed an astonished expression.

After some time, Huang Yueli managed to regain her senses, “Father, could this be the Snow Phoenix Palace??”

Even though she had never seen the exterior of Snow Phoenix Palace which was buried in the underground, but she had some deep understanding of the Snow Phoenix Palace’s mechanisms and arrays so she was able to recognise the palace on one look.

Bai Liufeng wordlessly nodded his head.

Huang Yueli frowned, “Then in this case, Lone Sky Summit collapsed and suddenly caused such an intense snowstorm, it’s all because….. the Snow Phoenix Palace had ascended from underground? But what’s going on now? Could it be that Snow Phoenix Palace wasn’t an underground palace in the past, but because of some accident hence it descended downwards? Then what’s happening now? Why is it able to resurface on the ground once again??”

Huang Yueli’s mind was filled with questions. Even for a knowledgeable Armament Master like her, on seeing the scenario before her, she couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

A palace sinking into the ground meant that its exterior mechanisms were totally damaged so basically it was impossible to recover.

Even if Lord Zhan had great abilities to restore all the mechanisms totally, but if he wanted to let a dilapidated palace to resurface onto the ground, he needed a huge amount of energy so no matter what kind of spirit gathering array it was, it was basically very hard to do it.

Moreover speaking, Snow Phoenix Palace had already been underground for so many years and had been soundlessly hidden, yet at this moment, it suddenly resurfaced onto the ground in such a high fashion…

This matter absolutely had something to do with Lord Zhan.

What was he trying to do?

Huang Yueli asked a lot of questions at one go but Bai Liufeng didn’t reply to her as his eyes were fixated on the direction of the Snow Phoenix Palace, with an expression of deep worry in his eyes.

Huang Yueli became worried as she called out to him several times.

“Father? Father? What are you thinking about?”

Bai Liufeng remained silent for a long time before he finally replied, “Nothing, Father wants to stay here alone for a while, go back with Li Moying first?”

“But Father, what are you…..” Huang Yueli saw him in this state so how could she possibly be assured in letting him stay here alone?