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Chapter 2445: Return back to Blue Profound Sect (8)

Outside the cave dwelling, rampaging wind was howling and the degree of the earth shaking was much more intense by several times as compared to inside the cave!

Countless snow mounds were shaken so much that it started to fly and several blocks of snow mountains in the surroundings had even suffered a serious avalanche!

The skies were originally dim and adding on to the flying snow which blocked one’s sight, the entire world seemed to have turned into a state of purgatory!

Huang Yueli had just landed on the ground, was shaken so much that she couldn’t stand still and almost fell.

“Be careful, you are really a young lass who makes one worry!”

Li Moying pulled onto her in time, allowing her to stand firmly.

Eventually, he brought her into his arms and used the cape to cover her head, blocking the whistling blizzard.

Huang Yueli gently lifted a corner of the cape, attempting to search for Bai Liufeng in the dim and dark snowfields, but she just simply couldn’t see him at all.

“Where has Father gone to? Why can’t we find him? Moying, let’s walk up a little more to take a look?”

Li Moying replied with an “Mn” and pulled the cape once more to cover up her face, “You’re not allowed to prop your head out, otherwise you will return to the cave dwelling to wait!”

“But…” Huang Yueli frowned slightly.

Li Moying interrupted her, “There’s no but! We three men are taller than you so we will definitely have a better view so when we find him, we’ll let you know.”

Huang Yueli wanted to say “I don’t agree” but alas Li Moying’s strength was just too strong as he clasped around her waist not allowing her to move recklessly.

She struggled for a few times then she stopped as she could only listen to him obediently.

Taking a few steps, Li Moying seemed to feel that her short legs were just too slow on the snowy grounds hence he just carried her and walked upwards in huge strides.

Li Moying and the other two were top rated exponents with extremely strong abilities hence although the outer world had a terrible environment, but there wasn’t much effect to their movements at all.

The few of them used Profound Energy to cut open the snow and wind as they trudged on ahead.

Not too long later, they heard Liu Buyan giving a “Eh”, “Quickly look, that man’s figure in front, that’s Marquis Bai right?”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli twisted around, wanting to take a look.

However, Li Moying’s arm tightened his trip as he refused to let her pop out her head. He even gave her a light slap on her butt, “Be obedient, we’re almost there!”

“Hey, you—!” Huang Yueli’s eyes widened in disbelief that this man actually hit her butt in public??

Huang Yueli gritted her teeth and looked at the man’s opened collar which slightly revealed his collarbone, she just wanted to bite him there!

But before she could even have the chance to bite him, Li Moying stopped and his arms also loosened a little.

“Father-in-law, what are you doing here?”

Hearing Li Moying’s words, Huang Yueli swung her head and pushed the cape behind as she struggled out of Li Moying’s arms and jumped out.

Turning around to take a look, Bai Liufeng was indeed standing at a position a few steps away.

He apparently was in a rush to come out hence he didn’t put on any cape like Li Moying or Liu Buyan and the others. All he had was a thin shirt and his hands were placed behind his back as he raised his head and stood upright, looking extremely broken and lonesome in the frigid cold wind.

Li Moying’s voice was not soft and Bai Liufeng had apparently heard his question but he didn’t turn back.

Huang Yueli slipped away and ran towards him, “Father, what are you doing here? The blizzard outside is very big, let’s hurry and head back!”