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Chapter 2447: Return back to Blue Profound Sect (10)

Not waiting for her to finish, Bai Liufeng intensified his tone, “Listen to me, go on back first!”

Huang Yueli pursed her lips and did not reply, but she didn’t move either.

Bai Liufeng saw her look and naturally couldn’t bear to be fierce towards her so he could only heave a sigh and look towards Li Moying.

“Bring Lass Li back first… don’t worry, I’ll only stay here for a moment and will not go far, after a while I’ll be back.”

Li Moying muttered irresolutely for a mere moment and nodded his head, “Alright, we will head back first, Father-in-law please be careful of your body!”

Saying that, he took a few steps forward and hooked his hand on Huang Yueli’s waist and carried her.

Huang Yueli was caught off guard and fell towards his robust chest, as she started twisting and turning while trying to get up, “Moying, let me go! I want to look after my father! Hey, are you listening to me or not, let me go, who on earth do you listen to!!”

Li Moying ignored her and directly put the cape’s hat back onto her head and carried her away with large strides.

It was until they walked for a hundred meters or so when he finally slowed down his pace while whispering beside the little fox’s ear, who was still struggling, “Don’t worry, your father will be alright. I asked Po Hun to stay and watch him from the side so if anything happens, he will inform us in a timely fashion. Let’s go back first, if you stay here, your father will be even more unassured.”

Huang Yueli heard these words and quietened down, as she obediently allowed the man to carry her back.

But although she was back inside the cave dwelling, her heart was still filled with worries and she kept pacing around in anxiety.

Li Moying knew that he couldn’t persuade her hence he didn’t say anything much, just sitting opposite Liu Buyan to accompany her.

Another four hours plus passed and Huang Yueli was about to create a hold in front of the courtyard entrance when the transportation array lit up once again.

Bai Liufeng’s apparently tired figure reappeared in front of everyone.

“Father!” Huang Yueli jumped up in joy and ran towards Bai Liufeng, “Father earlier you…..”

However, she hadn’t even finished a sentence when Bai Liufeng had already walked to his room door quickly and left the words, “Father is tired, all of you rest earlier too!”

After that, he shut the room door with a bang and isolated Huang Yueli on the outside.

Huang Yueli;s eyes opened wide as she simply didn’t dare to believe that she was swept out of his door!

Li Moying and Liu Buyan looked at each other in dismay.

After a short while later, Cang Po Hun returned as well and everyone surrounded him.

Huang Yueli asked anxiously, “Guardian Hun, quickly tell us, what did Father do earlier when he was outside? Why did he shut himself in the room immediately once he came back?”

Cang Po Hun shook his head, as his face was filled with puzzlement.

“Marquis Bai he… he didn’t do anything? He just stood in that earlier position, not moving at all as he stood there for two hours and more alone, then later on he came back… oh, that’s right. He discovered that I was spying on him and when he came back, he even beckoned for me to return back together and asked me not to get chilled…”

Hearing this, everyone frowned.

Bai Liufeng’s abnormal reaction was definitely related to Snow Phoenix Palace’s sudden ascension but they didn’t know the situation that was going on inside the Snow Phoenix Palace.

Huang Yueli thought over for a moment and muttered, “Somehow I have a bad premonition. Father is acting like this… could it mean that my Mother has met with some danger?”

Li Moying said, “This might not necessarily be so but there must be a serious incident happening in Snow Phoenix Palace and your father apparently knows the inside story…”