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Chapter 2439: Return back to Blue Profound Sect (2)

Other than that, every afternoon, Bai Liufeng would still draw out time specially to impart various Sacred Phoenix Race’s cultivation methods, that he had stolen from Snow Phoenix Palace, to Huang Yueli.

These cultivation methods and Profound Skills, naturally couldn’t be compared to Huang Yueli’s <> but they were all suited for Sacred Phoenix Race to cultivate.

Huang Yueli’s innate talent was outstanding and she was able to comprehend by analogy so her learning speed was extremely fast. Moreover these black grade cultivation skills were all inherited from God Realm and those made up for the shortcoming she had in cultivation.

Under two-phase contrast, her cultivation speed had increased at god speed and she quickly shot up to seventh stage realm peak, charging towards eight stage realm at any moment!

But in this way, both researching arrays and cultivation had already occupied most of Huang Yueli’s time and she totally had no time to care about Li Moying.

For a total of two months, Li Moying wasn’t even able to have a meal that his little fox cooked!

Of course Bai Liufeng had done this intentionally and he had done this, originally to see Li Moying’s furious look.

However, out of his expectations, Li Moying’s performance was rather peaceful.

He would take the chance while Huang Yueli was resting during lunch break, to check on her. During other times he would silently return to his own courtyard to cultivate.

In this way, two months had passed and Li Moying’s cultivation had also improved swiftly, directly ascending from ninth stage realm fifth level to ninth stage realm eighth level!

One reason for this was because the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi’s density in Northern Ice Fields was extremely high while another reason was because during the period of time when Li Moying was seriously ill, he could not cultivate nor advance in level but he was still able to absorb the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi. Those had all gathered inside his body but he was unable to use it for himself.

The moment his Soul Detachment Illness had been treated, it had absolved the restraint on not being able to cultivate, these Profound Qi which had been gathered had all been turned into Profound Energy within his meridians in a short amount of time, hence Li Moying’s cultivation had progressed rapidly.

Bai Liufeng appeared to slight Li Moying but he had been observing him secretly.

Seeing that Li Moying not only had outstanding innate talent, his cultivation speed was extremely fast and moreover he especially respected Huang Yueli, supporting her cultivation advancement.

As time went by, Bai Liufeng felt that this prospective son-in-law wasn’t too bad, and he couldn’t pick out any problems with him in various aspects.

But although he had silently consented to Li Moying in his heart, he didn’t show it out and usually he would still treat Li Moying with a neither cold nor hot treatment.

On a certain day one month later, Li Moying went to look for Huang Yueli in the afternoon.

Usually at this time, she should have already ended the morning’s research on the mechanisms.

But that day, when Li Moying just entered the room, he heard the father and daughter arguing.

“Father, I feel that your analysis here isn’t correct. This array’s use doesn’t seem like what you deduced, otherwise the last time you went to Snow Phoenix Palace, you wouldn’t have triggered the array and had no choice but to escape!” Huang Yueli’s crisp voice was heard.

Bai Liufeng’s voice was filled with puzzlement, “I also suspect that this part of the array patterns has a problem, but… if it isn’t used for concealment, what else can it be used for? I’ve thought over this for several months but still couldn’t find a way to decode it…. Lass Li, you also have no idea?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “Father, I’ve already said this long ago, I’m an Armament Master! Towards array skills, I only know a little and there are many things that Father, you have taught me instead!”

Bai Liufeng couldn’t help but frown, “Then what should we do?”