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Chapter 2438: Return back to Blue Profound Sect (1)

He paused and continued, “I’ve been pondering over this for several days! Now that I hear you saying these, it all links up now. Have you ever thought of the day when Marquis Bai saved us, why did he need to enter the Blood Moon Great Array? Why had he gone there for? That kind of place, even for a strong practitioner like him, would also cause injuries and if there’s no motive, he would absolutely not run about recklessly!”

Huang Yueli and Li Moying both nodded their heads, acknowledging what he said.

“Then in this case, my father must have some important matter to settle on that day but because of saving us, it interrupted his plan. Moreover these few days he had also been staying in the cave dwelling and not left at all, as though he had totally forgotten about the matter that he didn’t settle on that day…. Is he afraid that I will find out?” Huang Yueli continued talking and an enlightened look appeared on her face.

Li Moying nodded slightly, “Looks like the matter is exactly like this!

The next day, Huang Yueli discovered that Li Moying had already sent Cang Po Jun back to Sky Emperor City, only leaving Cang Po Hun by his side.

Whereas Huang Yueli originally wanted to make Liu Buyan head back first, deeply worried that it might delay his official matters but Liu Buyan insisted on staying behind.

Seeing Huang Yueli disagree with it, he immediately casted out his reason, “You say, if I the Divine Doctor were to leave, would your father believe that Li Moying was still sick?”

What he said was logical and Huang Yueli didn’t have any other things to say against that, so she could only allow him to do as he wished.

Liu Buyan would come over to do the consultation for Li Moying every day and also prescribed quite a number of medicinal pills for him.

But ever since he had the experience of being schemed by him, Li Moying totally rejected all the medicinal pills he had taken out, and threw it all aside.

Whereas to Li Moying, he would soon realise what was called moving the stone to crush his own feet.

He thought that in this period of time while they were cultivating in the cave dwelling, he would be able to see Huang Yueli all the time, to have a pretty lady staying by his side but the truth had proven that he was thinking too much!

Bai Liufeng didn’t see eye to eye with him and would always find various reasons to get Huang Yueli to his courtyard, trying ways and means to separate the both of them.

He arranged Huang Yueli’s room to be next to his and insisted on sleeping only after she had extinguished the light in her room.

Li Moying had no way to abduct his little fox in the day so he could only learn to be a flower thief trying to sneak on the beauty at night, but unfortunately his father-in-law’s ability was even stronger than his, so in ten times that he tried, he would always be caught red-handed nine times! If it wasn’t for Huang Yueli who pleaded for him, he would have been beaten up so badly that he would not be able to take care of himself.

Since they couldn’t sleep together at night, surely they could meet in the daytime, right?

However, the truth wasn’t so.

Every single morning, Huang Yueli would be called over by Bai Liufeng, to study Snow Phoenix Palace’s mechanisms and arrays.

Huang Yueli had entered the Snow Phoenix Palace once and even conveniently took a set of the underground palace’s first storey’s map, but these as compared to the information that Bai Liufeng had, was just one hair from nine oxen.

Every single time Bai Liufeng entered the Snow Phoenix Palace, he would always record down the mechanisms and arrays that he had discovered in detail through drawings and words, especially those that he couldn’t decode, he would attempt several times, thereby obtaining many useful information.

After so many years of accumulation, he had already consolidated it into thick bundles of information.

Huang Yueli had always been interested in abstruse and novel ancient mechanisms, the only thing was she rarely could get such detailed information.

Now that she had obtained Bai Liufeng’s drawings, and was overjoyed as she spent so much time on researching these mechanisms and arrays until she forgot to eat or sleep.

Bai Liufeng was again deeply shocked by her profound knowledge of armament refining!