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Chapter 2440: Return back to Blue Profound Sect (3)

Hearing their conversation, Li Moying couldn’t help but give a cough as he interrupted them.

“Father-in-law, if you don’t mind…. Actually, I have a suggestion…..”

Bai Liufeng’s train of thoughts was interrupted by him and displeasure was reflected on his face as he lifted his head and looked at Li Moying, “You lad, you’re not an Array Master! What suggestion could you possibly have?”

Li Moying gave a faint smile and said, “Although I am not an Array Master, but I know an outstanding Array Master whose standard is comparable to you!”

Bai Liufeng frowned as he spoke in a slightly distrustful tone, “How is that possible? My Array skills…. It’s not that I think too highly of myself, but those Array Masters who can be compared to me, there aren’t many in Soaring Heavens Continent! Unless… right, you’re from Blue Profound Sect…..”

His eyes slowly widened as he thought of something.

Huang Yueli also reacted to it and said, “What Moying said is right, I am really muddled and haven’t even thought of this! Father, Blue Profound Sect’s Second Guardian Cang Po Yu is Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Array Master now! Although his standard might not be as high you, but his ability remained very strong and moreover he is extremely knowledgeable and he has read many ancient manuals. If he is here, we might be able to find a new train of thoughts, unfortunately…..”

Speaking of this, she frowned again.

Cang Po Yu was left behind in Blue Profound Sect and the distance from here was a few hundred thousand miles apart!

Even if they were to send the letter out now, to ask Cang Po Yu to head over from Sky Emperor City now, the travel time would take at least one month…

Moreover Cang Po Yu was now the substitute Sovereign in-charge and he absolutely could not leave the sect on his own, otherwise there would be no one to helm over the entire Blue Profound Sect and everything would be in chaos!

Bai Liufeng was first delighted but immediately after he also thought of this point so he shook his head, “Guardian Yu’s name is famed throughout and it would be best if we had his best but he’s probably in Sky Emperor City now right? He isn’t of any help!”

Li Moying smiled as he spoke out in an unhurried tone, “If we wanted Cang Po Yu to come to the Northern Ice Fields, it indeed isn’t practical but you can go back to Blue Profound Sect with us? Our entire Sect will treat you as our distinguished guest and you can also slowly discuss in detail with Guardian Yu. Moreover, there are plenty of high ranked Array Masters and Armament Masters in Sky Emperor City and if there are any unsolvable problems, you can find more people to research on this together.”

Huang Yueli looked at Li Moying in astonishment when she heard that.

They exchanged information through their eyes, Li Moying winked with his eyes and Huang Yueli instantly got it.

Two months had passed and she had tried many ways to glean information from Bai Liufeng but his lips were tight, totally not revealing a single word at all so somehow she wasn’t able to find any news of value.

Seeing Li Moying’s illness to not be able to keep up with the pretence, this matter still hadn’t got any progress so these few days she had been worried, thinking of sneaking out to discuss with Li Moying during one of the nights!

In the end, Li Moying seemed as though he knew the art of reading one’s heart, before she had even gone to ask, he had already thought of an idea.

Huang Yueli immediately smiled, “What Moying said is correct! Father, haven’t you always been worried about me being together with Moying, worried that he will bully me? Why not you come with us to Blue Profound Sect and check his background so if he plans to do anything bad behind my back, you can expose him and help me vent my anger!”