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Chapter 2437: Full of doubtful points (6)

“Another example, Father said many things about the Sacred Phoenix Race and he even knew that Mother and Lord Zhan are biological siblings! These are Sacred Phoenix Race’s secrets so how would their clansmen possibly just shoot their mouths off casually, and just coincidentally happened that Father eavesdropped on them?”

Huang Yueli’s face was filled with worried, “Anyway, Father’s words contain too many suspicious points so he is definitely hiding something!”

Li Moying thought for a second and said, “What you say is correct. We’ve gone such a big round in Snow Phoenix Palace and other than Lord Zhan, we totally didn’t see any other clansmen from Sacred Phoenix Race, so where could your father have heard this from?”

“Why is Father trying to deceive us?” Huang Yueli bit her lips.

Li Moying patted her little hand and said, “I’m guessing that your father still doesn’t want you to get involved in these matters! According to my deduction, he had likely crossed hands with Lord Zhan numerous times and moreover the situation was extremely precarious so he was able to get so much news. But he had intentionally concealed this portion of truth as he’s worried that you will insist on staying to help him!”

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right, this matter should be like this…. but I’ve already used both the carrot and stick approach for so long and yet Father is still unwilling to tell the truth. I think even if I keep forcing him, it will be of no use…. Following this, what should we do?”

Li Moying’s lips curled into a smile as he didn’t mind too much on this, “Following this… haven’t I already said earlier? As long as my Soul Detachment Illness doesn’t recover, we will not be able to leave this place so do try and sound out your father a little more, hopefully you will be able to make him change his mind…”

LiMoying’s meaning was naturally to continue pretending to be sick!

Under normal circumstances, Bai Liufeng would not believe in this, no matter how good Li Moying’s acting skills were, it was useless.

But now the situation was, Bai Liufeng and Huang Yueli had been separated for many years and his subconscious definitely wanted to interact with his daughter for a longer period of time, so even if he didn’t believe it, he would most likely not expose this…..

Huang Yueli took a look at him as she was a little hesitant, “But Moying, in this way, we will have to stay here for a longer period of time! You’ve left Blue Profound Sect for such a long time, are you truly assured? Why not… you head back first and I’ll try to think of a way to convince my father?”

Li Moying shook his head firmly, “No, I will stay and accompany you! Don’t worry, Blue Profound Sect’s matters, I have already made arrangements and it’s just nice that I don’t want to go back too early….” Saying that, his eyes flashed past a cold glint which made one felt silently alarmed!”

Huang Yueli jolted as she seemed to have thought of something and didn’t continue.

On the second day, Li Moying’s illness started to recur.

Liu Buyan was shocked by them and hurriedly ran over to do a consultation for him, but in the end he discovered that everything was just a false alarm, there was totally nothing wrong with Li Moying!

Liu Buyan’s face has a ghastly expression, “Li Moying, what are you trying to play at? Trying to injure yourself to gain sympathy? I’m telling you, don’t you even think of tricking my Junior Sister, I will definitely expose you!”

“Who are you trying to expose? Senior Brother?” His words just ended and Huang Yueli walked out behind him with a beaming smile.

Liu Buyan was stunned, totally not expecting her to know about this!

Momentarily, he totally didn’t understand what they were trying to do!

Huang Yueli gave a simple explanation to him and he understood what was going on.

Moreover, Liu Buyan also expressed his own doubts, “I was saying, although your father indeed treats you truly, but something seemed off somewhere.”