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Chapter 2436: Full of doubtful points (5)

Bai Liufeng was indeed quite stirred up by these words.

His mechanism skills standard wasn’t quite there and that had always been a point which he had been extremely melancholic about and it was the same thing which made him met with quite a number of troubles when he entered and left the Snow Phoenix Palace.

If Huang Yueli indeed had such a high armament refining standard as what they claimed, then with her help, it would definitely reduce his work by half while doubling the effectiveness!

Most importantly, they were just researching on the map in the cave dwelling and there was no danger associated with this at all.

To allow his daughter to come out with a part in saving her mother, this proposal was doable…..

Thinking of this, Bai Liufeng was finally convinced as he nodded his head, “Alright, since you are so confident of your armament refining skills, then from tomorrow onwards, you will come in the morning to examine the Snow Phoenix Palace’s topography with Father in detail, and start cultivating in the afternoon!”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and smiled as she agreed.

Bai Liufeng revealed a satisfied look when he heard Li Moying opening his mouth to say, “Alright, since Father-in-law has already finished talking about his matters, Li’er’s cultivation task has also completed for the say, then let’s make a move first…..”

Saying that, he turned towards Huang Yueli and lowered his voice while speaking out pitifully, “Li’er, I’m hungry…”

Huang Yueli instantly let out an “Ah” sound as she spoke out in dissatisfaction, “You haven’t taken anything and you came over? And you even drank such strong alcoholic wine! Your illness has just started to get better and you’re already in a haste to court disaster? Quickly hurry back and I’ll cook something for you to eat…”

She pulled Li Moying and was in a hurry to leave.

Bai Liufeng had just solved the most pressing matter as he finally could put down the huge stone in his heart and finally realised that his own daughter had been abducted by that stinky brat again.

He hurriedly coughed out, “Lass Li, you’re leaving just like this? Father still has a few ancient manuals here that you can cultivate with…”

Li Moying unhurriedly butted in, “Father-in-law, earlier you asked us to quickly leave right? As juniors, of course we cannot defy your orders and will immediately leave, please don’t worry about it!”

Bai Liufeng choked as he almost couldn’t breathe!

Relax! Relax his head!

Earlier he was afraid that Huang Yueli would insist on staying behind to save her mother, hence he wanted to dismiss them but now that he thought back about it, he had indeed said the wrong thing!

But whatever he said now was too late, he was actually rendered speechless by this stinky brat that he couldn’t say a single word out!

Bai Liufeng could only look at his precious daughter pulling that stink brat’s hand as the both of them started to leave the courtyard, in an extremely stifled feeling in his heart.

What he didn’t knew was when they returned to Li Moying’s room, Huang Yueli’s first sentence was to ask, “Moying, do you feel that what Father said, was the truth or a lie?”

Her brows creased together as her eyes were filled with puzzlement.

Li Moying grabbed her little hand and pulled her to sit beside him as he spoke out softly, “Majority of the things that your father said should be the truth, especially the matters before he went into closed door cultivation, it should all be real and when he returned to South Yue Kingdom to look for you, he had just missed us so more or less, it should be true. Only…. when he returned to the Northern Ice Fields and what happened later on… these matters, even I also can’t be sure if it’s true or fake.”

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right, your thinking is the same as mine! I somehow feel that some of the things that Father said seems a little strange somewhere but yet I can’t speak it out clearly.”

Her brows furrowed as she pondered and continued to say, “Let’s not talk about the others, just focus on the fact that there are so many mechanisms in Snow Phoenix Palace and how sinister Lord Zhan is. Father had gone into the Snow Phoenix Palace so many times, how could he totally not notice it at all?”