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Chapter 2435: Full of doubtful points (4)

However, Huang Yueli wouldn’t possibly be scared by this.

Her expression remained extremely peaceful as she spoke out respectfully, “Father, don’t treat me like a child! I am also a practitioner and moreover I am not a practitioner who has low ability. The experiences that I’ve been through these few years are much more than you can imagine! It’s merely a Blood Moon Great Array, it’s totally nothing!”

Including her past life, the experience learning trips and experiences were probably much richer than what Bai Liufeng had encountered.

Moreover, to back out once she met with difficulties was not her style.

No matter what, the one trapped in the Snow Phoenix Palace was her mother, and the one working out a strategy on the outside was her father!

If she were to run back to Sky Emperor City on her own like this, what kind of person would she become?

Bai Liufeng raved, “I said no means no! What does a young lass like you know! Moreover, you’re only in the seventh stage realm now, this bit of ability, even if you enter with me, you’d only drag my feet. Can’t you just let your father be a little less worried??”

Huang Yueli pouted, “Father don’t worry, I will not drag your feet! You see that I went on experience with Moying and the others, and we also entered the Snow Phoenix Palace together! They didn’t even slight me for dragging their feet!”

“Anyway…. still no!” Bai Liufeng didn’t allow any areas for rebuttal as he rejected instantly!

“Don’t ever mention this to Father anymore! Anyway, you can only stay here until this stinky brat’s illness has completely recovered! Alright, now I want to rest, the both of you can leave here now!”

Bai Liufeng was completely muddled now that he even forgot that he usually hated Huang Yueli spending time alone with Li Moying the most, and now he actually asked them to leave together!

Huang Yueli was speechless and she kept on persuading Bai Liufeng but the other party seemed as though he had steeled his heart as there was no space for discussion at all.

In the end, Bai Liufeng started to get impatient and personally prepared to chase them off.

Seeing them both about to be swept out, Huang Yueli then shot a cry for help using her eyes to Li Moying who was beside her.

Li Moying comforted her as she squeezed her little hand and had a brief thought before opening his mouth, “Father-in-law, please don’t be anxious. You don’t wish for Li’er to take the risk and I have the same thinking in mind so I will find a way to help you convince her. But…”

Bai Liufeng swept his eyes onto him, “But what? You lad is still understanding but I will not let my Lass Li marry you just because you did such a small thing!”

Li Moying had a righteous young lad’s face on, “You’re mistaken, I don’t mean it in that way. I only wanted to say that this illness of mine will take at least two months to recuperate, otherwise if we were to travel through the freezing zone, we might easily fall into danger. Since we’re going to stay for a while longer and we have nothing much to do, why not just let Li’er help you with some research and see how to decode Snow Phoenix Race’s mechanisms. You might not know that Li’er’s armament refining skills are really very strong, even much stronger than her pill refining skills!”

When Li Moying said that, Huang Yeuli’s eyes shone as she turned her head around and used a worshipping gaze to look at him!

Indeed the man whom she had taken fancy to, he was much craftier and slyer than her!

Taking two months to recuperate, he really speaks without thinking!

Liu Buyan had just said this yesterday that the man’s recuperation was getting along very well and even if they were to set off for Sky Emperor City today, there wouldn’t be any problem!

Now he put it in this way because they needed a reason to keep staying here, to first let Huang Yueli take part in the decoding of the mechanism and the more she understood, the more things she could partake in so Bai Liufeng would not be able to chase her away easily!