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Chapter 2434: Full of doubtful points (3)

Hearing that, even for an Armament Grandmaster like Huang Yueli, she also expressed a shocked and astounded expression.

“Snow Phoenix Palace is actually split up into three levels! This…. indeed is a historical remains left behind from the ancient times!”

In such a cold place like the Northern Ice Fields, it was originally a very difficult thing to construct a palace underground because the ice layers below the ground were often not stable. Even if the Armament Masters’ blueprint design was extremely perfect, but when they really started to build, it was very difficult to attain the expected result.

But Sacred Phoenix Race’s Snow Phoenix Palace was not only constructed underground, moreover it was three levels deep!

The connecting mechanisms between the three layers was exceptionally complicated and if she hadn’t witnessed it personally, Huang Yueli would not dare to believe that such a thing could have happened.

Bai Liufeng said, “Based on my understanding, your mother should be trapped in the third level of the underground palace but I’ve tried many ways and still can’t find a way to infiltrate the third level without alarming Lord Zhan because there are a few mechanisms which are too difficult to decode…”

Huang Yueli hurriedly said, “Father don’t worry, I’m an experienced Armament Master and I have researched extensively on various mechanisms and coincidentally you are an Array Master so if the both of us work together and do an extensive research on this, we will definitely be able to find a way!”

Bai Liufeng took a look at her, as he replied in an unsure manner, “Let’s hope so, anyway, we will try our best…”

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust his daughter but Huang Yueli had already displayed her excellent cultivational innate talent and moreover she was an extremely talented Pill Master, to be able to attain these two points simultaneously, it was already shocking enough! Now she actually said that she was an experienced Armament Master??

From what Bai Liufeng thought, no matter how talented Huang Yueli was, at most she was only versed in rough armament refining skills but to attain to eighth or ninth rank, or even decode mechanisms in a historical remain like Snow Phoenix Palace, that was purely thinking too much!

Huang Yueli knew that he didn’t believe in her and didn’t make any extra explanations. Anyway facts speak louder than words so by then, her father would understand.

After Bai Liufeng finished talking about the whole sequence of events, his expression apparently was much more relaxed.

“These matters had been kept in Father’s heart for many years and I don’t know who I can tell so this time I am able to say it all out, I feel more relaxed…”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose as she shot out in ridicule, “Father, you still dare to say such a thing! I’ve asked you so many times and you refused to tell me the truth!”

Bai Liufeng sighed, “Isn’t it because I don’t want you to get worried? If we want to save your mother, then we will need to face a strong opponent like Lord Zhan! Moreover he’s not the only top expert in Snow Phoenix Palace. Sacred Phoenix Race have all outstanding innate talents and the strong practitioners in the clan are like clouds. I’ve even seen quite a number of Seven Sacred Lands’ practitioners being expelled by them!”

Speaking of this, his expression turned extremely solemn, “That’s right, Lass Li, Father is telling you all these is because I don’t want you to continue guessing blindly! But you’re not allowed to join in all these matters! When this lad surnamed Li has almost recovered, you will return to Sky Emperor City!”

Huang Yueli was stumped, “Huh? Why? Father, my mother is still trapped in Snow Phoenix Palace, how can I possibly leave like that? No way, I want to stay here and help you save Mother together!”


Bai Liufeng banged the table and gave her a fierce stare as he unleashed his Profound Energy, his aura pressuring them.

“Snow Phoenix Palace is not a place where a young lass like you can fool around. You’ve already seen how scary that Blood Moon Great Array is, hurry on and return back!”