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Chapter 2433: Full of doubtful points (2)

Huang Yueli looked at Bai Liufeng in disbelief.

Bai Liufeng nodded his head gradually, “That’s right, Lord Zhan is actually your biological uncle…”

“How… How could there be such a thing??” Huang Yueli’s lips twitched as her words were a little incomprehensible.

Bai Liufeng said, “When I first found out about this, I was also very surprised but later on I thought about it, it was just reasonable but there were many small traces that I had previously neglected. Your mother was one of the Sacred Phoenix Race’s branch clan leader’s daughter in Soaring Heavens Continent so her bloodline was exceptionally noble and with an extremely high innate talent, she had an excellent position in the clan. Hence when she eloped with someone, the entire Sacred Phoenix Race spared no effort in searching for her!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, her thoughts underwent a change and she also thought it through.

No wonder her blood was so useful and she could enter the Sacred Phoenix Race’s inheritance tower as she wished, and even activate many secret paths mechanisms in Snow Phoenix Race.

So, it was because her mother’s status was extremely high! All this was because of heredity!

She was letting her thoughts run wild but she immediately shook her head, “I don’t dare guarantee, that Lord Zhan would even resort to using such an evil method like the Blood Moon Great Array to draw out a practitioner’s spiritual root to refine medication, this kind of person… will he really care for his blood relatives?”

Hearing this, Bai Liufeng’s body shook, as a cold glare flashed past his eyes!

But very quickly, he controlled himself.

This kind of cold and harsh expression only lasted for less than a second, so even Huang Yueli or Li Moying had not detected it.

When he recollected his senses, Bai Liufeng’s voice was still as peaceful, “Anyway, you don’t need to worry. Based on the leads that I have, I have enough faith that Lord Zhan will temporarily not injure your mother… but it’s not an easy matter to try and save her. Snow Phoenix Palace’s interior is so complicated that it has surpassed your imagination and I’ve spent several years’ time but still haven’t been able to grasp it totally.”

Huang Yueli suddenly thought of something as her eyes shone.

“Right Father, the last time when I accidentally entered the Snow Phoenix Palace, I had once chanced upon a mechanism distribution map, and although it’s just a portion of the map, but it should be of use right?”

As Huang Yueli was speaking, she retrieved a piece of lambskin scroll from her interspatial ring, which was the same one that she had passed to Liu Buyan some time ago.

Bai Liufeng received it and took a brief look and a smile instantly showed on his face.

“This is indeed very useful! After all I’m just an Array Master and don’t really understand the mechanisms very well and there are some places which I totally couldn’t understand but if we combine it with this map, it will reap great rewards! The only unfortunate thing is that this only has maps on the upper levels of the underground palace…”

“Underground palace’s upper levels?” Huang Yueli was stunned and instantly understood, “So, the place where we entered was only the upper level of the underground palace! No wonder I somehow feel that the Snow Phoenix Palace’s structure is a little strange. So this means that the Blood Moon Great Array is in the lower level of the underground palace?”

Bai Liufeng shook his head, “No, the position of the Blood Moon Great Array is in the middle level of the Snow Phoenix Palace and there are different arrays and pill refining rooms beside it. I’ve already found out the basic positions. But below this level, there’s still the lower level of the underground palace!”