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Chapter 2432: Full of doubtful points (1)

Bai Liufeng sighed and patted her hands, “Lass Li don’t worry, Father will not let you feel aggrieved again! When I return to South Yue Kingdom, I will definitely make those people who have harmed you pay the price!”

His face was filled with anger but Huang Yeuli didn’t mind it at all.

“This… actually there’s not much difference since this matter has already passed. Based on my ability and status now, dealing with them instead gives them too much face!”

Bai Liufeng apparently didn’t agree to this but he didn’t say much.

Huang Yueli continued, “Then after Father left South Yue Kingdom, you returned to Lone Sky Summit again?”

Bai Liufeng nodded his head, “Yes, ten years had passed in a flash and your mother disappeared for a total of fourteen years and she had never once appeared so I was really worried that she’s already…. but I will not give up as long as I haven’t seen it with my own eyes! So I returned to Lone Sky Summit once again and this time, I have Sage Yu Xu’s inheritance. Moreover, I myself am an Array Master so after researching on his manual, my array mastery improved by leaps and bounds.”

“Moreover I was even more careful now. Ever since I infiltrated the Snow Phoenix Palace, I would make preparations and at the same time, record down all the arrays and mechanisms that I saw, referring to Sage Yu Xu’s manuscript to research on a decoding method. I have been in and out of Snow Phoenix Palace multiple times and this time I gradually understood the topography and at the same time, discovered the Blood Moon Spell in the deepest abyss of the underground palace!”

“But I tried many ways to find out where your mother was locked up in but I was still unable to locate her position…”

Saying that he frowned slightly, apparently feeling slightly troubled.

Li Moying’s right hand clenched into fists and his finger tapped on the table as he muttered softly and said, “Father-in-law, have you ever considered the fact that, had Mother-in-law… met with some kind of danger? After all, Lord Zhan is such a heartless and unscrupulous person, and there are many lost souls in the Blood Moon Spell, Mother-in-law has also gone missing for ten over years…..”

When Bai Liufeng heard that, he immediately said, “Impossible! I don’t believe that such a thing happened!”

Huang Yueli also couldn’t help but poked Li Moying.

Saying such things in front of Bai Liufeng, wasn’t it adding oil to fire?

Bai Liufeng had such deep feelings towards Huang Siluo, how could he possibly consider the fact that she had already died? Even if this was a high possibly thing, they shouldn’t even say it out at all!

Li Moying saw his little fox baring her fangs and instantly shut up his mouth.

Although Bai Liufeng’s first reaction was intense, but he quickly calmed down and said, “I said Siluo is fine, not because I’m self-comforting myself. It is because I had once overheard two Sacred Phoenix Race’s clansmen’s conversation, saying that after your mother was captured, she had been placed under house arrest and could not leave Snow Phoenix Palace. But from what they said, she didn’t seem to have suffered much torment physically.”

Huang Yueli also heaved a sigh of relief when she heard that, but at the same time she was puzzled, “But why did Lord Zhan show Mother mercy? Mother’s innate talent is so high, there’s no reason why he would let her off?”

Bai Liufeng shook his head and stared at Huang Yueli for a moment, and he looked as though he set his determination and said, “Of course Lord Zhan will not do anything to your mother, because… he is your mother’s biological brother…”

“What???” Huang Yueli almost fell down from the chair!

Today Bai Liufeng’s story was filled with unexpected turns around each new peak but what truly left her astounded was this sentence!!

Lord Zhan was her mother’s biological brother? How was this possible?

Didn’t that mean to say…