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Chapter 2431: The past from over a decade ago (12)

Huang Yueli completely understood what happened when she heard this.

“In this way, Father you’ve obtained Sage Yu Xu’s inheritance which was why you are able to survive even after you were heavily injured? Moreover you have also obtained the ability to become such a powerful top rated practitioner and Array Grandmaster!”

No wonder, Bai Liufeng had become so incredible.

Back then in South Yue Kingdom, although he was one of the best genius practitioners in South Sky Region, but as compared to those top rated exponents in Sky Emperor City, the disparity was just too huge, not to mention having to rough it out with Lord Zhan!

Bai Liufeng nodded his head and said, “That’s right, but the matter isn’t as simple as what you think… Sage Yu Xu’s cultivation methods are mainly based on using calm to stop movements and during cultivation, one must quieten your heart and enter a state of non-self and also be desolated from the world. This was why he created this cave dwelling which ordinary people would not be able to find. Back then I was on the verge of death so I didn’t consider so much and could only grab the uppermost cultivation method to cultivate. Whoever knew that this one cultivation made me enter a realm and in a blink of an eye, ten years went by…..”

Huang Yueli and Li Moying gave an enlightened expression, “No wonder you hadn’t been back to South Yue Kingdom for the past ten over years, so… it’s because you were in closed door cultivation inside the cave dwelling!”

Bai Liufeng added, “Initially, I didn’t expected that this closed door cultivation would use up such a long amount of time because on Sage Yu Xu’s manuscript, it was written that the better the practitioner’s innate talent, the first time one entered the realm would be much longer. Whereas I am not really an especially outstanding talent in Soaring Heavens Continent, so in the eyes of God Realm, I shouldn’t be considered as anything. But in the end whoever knew that this closed door cultivation lasted for ten years…..”

Huang Yueli smiled when she heard that, “This means to say that Father’s innate talent is still very strong! Only thing is that the cultivation methods and inheritances in Soaring Heavens Continent isn’t able to display your advantages out well!”

Bai Liufeng smiled, “I’m afraid it is so.”

Suddenly at the next moment, he kept away his smile, “When I woke up again, my potential had increased greatly and I had broken through to ninth stage realm peak, raising an entire large realm! But I wasn’t happy for too long because I was terrified to find out that my hair and beard was a few meters long, entirely looking like a barbarian from the Eastern Ocean archipelago! I instantly realised that the closed door cultivation that I had gone into had been extremely long…”

He looked at Huang Yueli, “I didn’t know how many years had gone by and was afraid of how you were in Valiant Martial Manor so I immediately headed back to South Yue Kingdom. But I didn’t manage to find you. Your Second Uncle said you were engaged to the Emperor’s Second Prince and even said the Second Prince’s innate talent was excellent which was extremely compatible with you. The both of you even joined South Sky Region’s Number One Sect Celestial Light Sect. I also went over to Celestial Light Sect to find out but Celestial Light Sect’s disciples said you had gone on experience learning and had not returned. On one hand, I missed your mother and on the other hand, I felt that it was normal for practitioners to go on experience learning so I left first…..”

When Bai Liufeng said to this point, he stopped with his face filled with self-resentment.

“It’s all your Father’s fault for believing in others! I feel that Bai Liujing is your biological uncle and will not possibly harm you! I also thought that he was able to let you join Celestial Light Sect and that was considered as nurturing you properly… whoever knew that the truth behind the scenes is so inconceivable!”

Huang Yueli saw his extremely frustrated look and hurriedly stood up as she headed up to hold his hands.

“Father, don’t think too much, it’s not your fault! It’s Second Uncle and the others for being too shameless! Moreover speaking, aren’t I right here in one piece?”