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Chapter 2430: The past from over a decade ago (11)

The story was now at its most crucial moment and Huang Yueli unknowingly straightened her body while she sat up, and leaned a little closer, hoping to hear the story more clearly.

Even Li Moying also placed the teacup in his hands onto the table, his expression slightly grave.

Bai Liufeng continued, “A pity, back then I didn’t know much about arrays and although I had seen the activation method of the Snow Phoenix Palace, but the moment I entered the underground palace, I was trapped in a secret room. Not only so, I even triggered some mechanisms in the secret room and attracted the attention of the Sacred Phoenix Race and was instantly pursued after…..”


Huang Yueli and Li Moying looked at each other in dismay, totally not expecting to hear this turn of events.

They had thought that after the brilliant and awesome Marquis Bai entered the Snow Phoenix Palace, he would definitely have done something huge but in the end… this….was an unfavourable start?

Bai Liufeng noticed their gazes and gave them a dissatisfied stare, “What are you looking at? What do you mean by this? Back then my cultivation was only at an eight stage realm peak and my ability wasn’t adequate. Moreover I had grown up in South Sky Region, unlike the both of you who had joined a large Sect to cultivate high grade cultivation methods. I charged in abruptly so of course the result would not be pleasant!”

Huang Yueli gave an awkward smile and diverted the topic, “Father, you’re mistaken, we are just… ughh, casually looking! Quickly tell us, what happened after that? Were you caught by them?”

Bai Liufeng harrumphed, “If I was caught by then, I would have become a puddle of blood in the Blood Moon Great Array, how could I possibly meet you now! But as I had totally no knowledge on Snow Phoenix Palace’s mechanisms and topography, there was no way for me to escape. On seeing that the number of people who were chasing after me increased and I was going to be caught sooner or later, when I was almost despondent, suddenly the mechanism on top of my head was activated again!”

“Ah! Such a coincidence! What happened then?” Huang Yueli already knew that she had done wrong earlier so this time, she quickly coordinated by asking a question so that she could make her father continue telling the story.

Bai Liufeng nodded his head in satisfaction, “You couldn’t imagine that Lord Zhan had just captured a new batch of sacrificial lambs back! I took the opportunity to scurry out and wrested control to escape! Lord Zhan naturally wouldn’t let me off and he struck out a palm strike which caused a heavy injury on me! Luckily I was still rather familiar with the surrounding environment and hid in the snow pile as I escaped from there…..”

“Even though I didn’t land into Lord Zhan’s hands, but my injury was extremely serious and my meridians were all severed, internal organs shattered and I practically didn’t know if I could live to see the next day’s sun… I thought that I couldn’t be saved but whoever knew that as I leaned against an ice mountain waiting to die, I accidentally triggered a mechanism and fell into a cave dwelling.”

Bai Liufeng stopped and pointed to the roof, “…. And it’s this cave dwelling that we are in right now!”

“Ah!” Huang Yueli’s eyes widened in shock.

Earlier Bai Liufeng’s experience was indeed extremely hair-raising and although Bai Liufeng intentionally played it out in an extremely plain manner, even skipping out on the fine details, but Huang Yueli was still able to imagine just how precarious that scenario was back then!

Bai Liufeng smiled and said, “After I fell into the cave swelling, I obtained all the inheritance which the original owner of the cave dwelling, Sage Yu Xu. This Sage Yu Xu was a God Realm Array Master in the ancient times and his cultivation was not bad. When he was in Soaring Heavens Continent cultivating, he built this cave dwelling and even left a huge amount of cultivation methods, manuals and manuscripts behind.”