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Chapter 2424: The past from over a decade ago (5)

“Of course I have some unspeakable difficulties…..” Bai Liufeng sighed as he waved his hand, “Forget it, let’s not talk about this…..”

He wanted to skim over this topic.

Li Moying’s brows rose, not expecting Bai Liufeng to be so non-conforming and moreover he was still extremely alert.

He intentionally used Li’er’s story to make Bai Liufeng loosen his alertness, thinking that under such a happy atmosphere chatting about casual matters, Bai Liufeng might just unintentionally say out some things that had happened back then, but in the end, the other party actually refused to divulge anything at all.

Li Moying was about to continue asking when suddenly, he heard a voice ringing from the back of the screen.

“Father, why not talk about this? I also want to know, where have you been in the past ten over years?”

Li Moying and Bai Liufeng were both stunned as they turned around in surprise to see Huang Yueli slowly walking out from the back of the screen.

Bai Liufeng asked astonishedly, “Lass Li, why have you come out?”

Huang Yueli pointed to a door behind the screen and said, “Earlier I wanted to leave but I just happened to hear Moying’s voice from your room so I came in from the back door.”

She put it very simply but the two present knew clearly that Huang Yueli was afraid of her own father bullying her fiancé, hence she specially came by to eavesdrop on them.

Li Moying instantly showed a hint of laughter.

Whereas Bai Liufeng was feeling stuffed as he said, “What I asked is not this… haven’t I instructed you just now? That set of god grade cultivation method that I imparted to you, <>, is a set of cultivation method that is very hard to master. Hence it requires you to comprehend it without any distractions and you cannot be disrupted by external sources. Haven’t you agreed to this in the morning? You are to go into closed door cultivation in the rear courtyard and until you master this set of cultivation method then can you come out. Why did you change your mind so quickly!”

Saying that, he fortified his tone, “Cultivation is for your own self! How can you keep on interrupting your cultivation every other day just because of a man? If Li Moying’s presence really influenced your cultivation, then don’t expect me to agree to your marriage!”

Following the deepening of the interaction with Li Moying, Bai Liufeng started to acknowledge his character and innate talent.

But his own daughter was still overly attentive towards Li Moying but that was also the point that made him most worried.

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes, as she looked extremely innocently at her own father.

“Right, I said that before, that if I don’t master <>, I will not come out of closed door….”

Bai Liufeng immediately said, “You also remember yourself saying this! Alright, there’s nothing for your concern here now, hurry back and cultivate! Relax, what can I do to this lad? I’m merely having a chat with him!”

He waved his hand and indicated for Huang Yueli to hurry back home, to continue your closed door seclusion.

However, Huang Yueli’s foot didn’t move as her expression was even more innocent, “But Father, I’ve already mastered that set of cultivation method… so going back into closed door seclusion, really has not much meaning anymore…..”

Bai Liufeng was first stunned as he stared at her for a few breaths, thinking that he had heard himself wrongly.

After that he suddenly came around it and spilled out, “You’ve already mastered it?? It’s not possible! How could it be possible? This is a god grade cultivation method, you think that it’s those kind of heaven grade low levelled cultivation method that you usually practice, that easy? Although your innate talent is very high, but without a month’s time of effort, you can forget about mastering it! Don’t find reasons to cheat Father, quickly go back and cultivate!”

Bai Liufeng totally didn’t believe that there would be such a matter like this!