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Chapter 2423: The past from over a decade ago (4)

Seeing Li Moying obediently being lectured, apparently slightly guilty, Bai Liufeng was rather satisfied.

Finally, this stinky brat also knew how to feel sorry for his daughter, and even knew how to send wine over to him…..

Barely give him sixty points for starters!

After they exchanged three rounds of wine, they started talking about Huang Yueli when she was in South Yue Kingdom.

Towards this, Bai Liufeng was extremely puzzled, “Stinky brat, I heard from Divine Doctor Liu that when you were in South Yue Kingdom, you were Second Prince and not the Crown Prince? I remembered that Lass Li was engaged to the Crown Prince back then? Where did you suddenly pop out from and even got engaged to Lass Li?”

Li Moying took a look at Bai Liufeng and when he recounted the past, his complexion started to turn gloomy.

“Father-in-law, you probably don’t know right? When you left South Yue Kingdom, you entrusted Li’er to your younger brother Bai Liujing but after because you left South Yue Kingdom for such a long time, many of them thought that you had passed on and that good younger brother of yours quickly bared his greedy and sinister true face…..”

“What happened? What did he do?” Bai Liufeng became agitated, “Didn’t Liujing like Lass Li very much back then? How is that possible? Moreover, no matter what, Lass Li is his biological niece!”

“Heh, one may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature, you have trusted the wrong person…..”

Li Moying gave a cold laugh and recounted everything that happened to Huang Yueli when she was in South Yue Kingdom. Especially the times when Huang Yueli was schemed against by her biological Uncle and cousin, almost losing her life during then, whatever he knew, he basically spelled every single big and small thing out.

The more Bai Liufeng heard, the angrier he got and he almost flipped the table over!

“Outrageous! When I was in South Yue Kingdom back then, I treated them very well! Before I left, I had even passed all my savings to Second Brother! I didn’t have any other request, only wanting them to take good care of Lass Li, to allow her to cultivate properly then marry into a good family…. They actually tried to harm Lass Li’s life! When I return to South Yue Kingdom, see how I will take care of them!”

Saying that, he turned his head and looked at Li Moying, “From this, it’s no wonder that Lass Li fancies you so much, you have indeed helped her a lot!”

Li Moying replied humbly after gaining Bai Liufeng’s praise, “I don’t deserve this praise. I treat Li’er as my future wife so naturally I cannot allow her to suffer even a single bit.”

These words made Bai Liufeng extremely satisfied. The son-in-law whom he wanted to find, was merely someone who would pamper Lass Li, and not allow her to suffer any grievances.

But he didn’t reflect that out, merely asking about their lifestyle after they left South Yue Kingdom.

After Huang Yueli started to cultivate, everything was smooth sailing for her and her advancement was even easier than having a meal. Even though she met with several dangers, but it was inevitable when they were out on experience learning and Bai Liufeng understood this clearly.

After listening to their experiences, Bai Liufeng originally wanted pick on him but now he could not help but to admit that this lad Li Moying towards his Lass Li, had simply nothing for him to pick on!

It was indeed difficult for him to find a better son-in-law than Li Moying!

But he had just acknowledged his own daughter not long ago, and if he had to give her up to this lad, he was simply not resigned to do so!

Just as Bai Liufeng was feeling torn, Li Moying poured another full cup of wine, and suddenly as though he was casually chatting, he asked, “Father-in-law, where have you been for the past ten over years? Why is it that you seemed to have vanished and had never once returned to South Yue Kingdom?”

“This…..” When Bai Liufeng heard this question, he frowned and subconsciously wanted to evade.