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Chapter 2425: The past from over a decade ago (6)

He himself was a rare peerless genius in Soaring Heavens Continent

whereas Huang Yueli’s mother had extremely outstanding innate talent. But even

for such geniuses like them, it was impossible for them to be able to master a

god grade cultivation method in one day!

This sort of matter simply was unheard of, and it could not

possibly happen!

Huang Yueli looked at him and didn’t made much explanation but only

holding her breath to congeal her concentration as she directly readjusted the

Profound Energy within her body!

Fire-attributed Profound Energy suddenly burst out from her petite


Two rays of light shot out from her back and within a second, it turned

into a set of several meters’ fire wings!

This pair of fire wings shone brilliantly with dazzling rays and

when it flapped gently, it carried an extremely dazzling brilliance, as though

a phoenix’s wings had descended onto earth!

Huang Yueli’s body also started to rise slowly into the sky!

Bai Liufeng’s lower jaw almost dropped onto the ground, as his eyes were

fixated straight in front, as he was in a daze.

Li Moying’s lips contained a smile as he was mesmerized by Huang Yueli’s

demonic charm as she was shrouded by the flames, totally not feeling surprised

at all.

His Li’er’s comprehension had always been this astounding and he had

seen plenty of it. It was merely just mastering a god grade manual within a

day, what was worth being astounded with?

It took half a day before Bai Liufeng found back his voice, as he

stammered slightly, “L… Lass Li, you really… really… really mastered it! How is

this possible! This pair of wings….”

Huang Yueli flapped her wings again as the radiant flame scorched the

walls, which had apparently reflected signs of being charred.

Li Moying hurriedly replied, “Li’er, keep away your fire wings first,

don’t burn your Father’s cave dwelling.”

Huang Yueli pouted her lips but obediently kept away the wings as she

walked beside Li Moying.

Li Moying lowered his head and swiftly gave her a peck on her face as he

smiled, “Li’er is really incredible!”

Bai Liufeng was still in shock that even when his daughter was being

taken advantage of, he couldn’t be bothered to haggle over it and asked

anxiously, “Lass Li, this.. How did you do it! Earlier the fire wings that I

saw you showing was not only mastering the cultivation method, but moreover it

had already reached the small realm’s first stage of <


Huang Yueli smiled and said, “Actually, I’ve already reached a big realm! But your room is really too small so I’m afraid if I fully extend the entire wing, I might just burn the entire courtyard so I already tried my best to restrain my aura”

Bai Liufeng didn’t expect to hear this kind of answer and was stunned, “What? Big.. big realm? I heard you wrongly? I definitely heard you wrongly!”

Seeing his deadly pale face, he was apparently excessively startled and he felt ill at ease.

Huang Yueli hurriedly ran over to support him, “Father, please calm down, calm down a little! You’re one of the top exponents in Soaring Heavens Continent, don’t be so easily scared like this!”

However, Bai Liufeng’s butt was planted on the chair and he raised his head to down an entire cup of tea, then having a short rest before he regained his composure.

He turned his head to take a look, to discover that Huang Yueli was seated next to Li Moying again.

Li Moying was personally pouring her wine and Huang Yueli smiled sweetly, as she looked at his handsome side face, apparently in a good mood.

Bai Liufeng coughed hard several times, interrupting the two’s tender gaze, “Cough cough, Lass Li, what on earth is going on? Why is it that you are able to master the god grade cultivation method so quickly? Quickly tell Father!”