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Chapter 2422: The past from over a decade ago (3)

“I’ll have a drink with you then. Young Sect Master Li, have a seat!” Bai Liufeng pointed to the seat in front of him.

Li Moying’s lips curled into a smile as he lifted his shirt tail and sat right opposite him.

His beautiful slender hand tore open a slit on the mouth of the har and carried the wine jar as he directly poured it into a cup on the table.

The mouth of the wine jar was very big and if one were to pour it into a small cup, it would spill easily.

But under Li Moying’s precise control, not a single drop of wine fell onto the table.

Moreover, these actions were originally meant to be rather rough but when Li Moying did it, it appeared extremely elegant, which carried a natural noble temperament to it.

After Li Moying finished pouring the wine, he raised up the cup, “Father-in-law, I offer this to you!”

Bai Liufeng held up the wine cup and carefully tasted one mouth of it, but his gaze remained fixed onto Li Moying.

He had to say that this man in front of his eyes was really agelessly good looking and although his age wasn’t very old, but he had already revealed a strong practitioner’s bearing and even if it was he himself, he totally could not gain any advantage in front of Li Moying.

Objectively speaking, Lass Li’s foresight… was indeed not bad at all.

Li Moying lifted his head and finished the cup of wine in one gulp as he followed up with a question, “Father-in-law, where exactly has Li’er gone to? I’ve been looking for her everywhere but I still haven’t found her, so I’m a little worried.”

Bai Liufeng snorted as he disapprovingly replied, “On your left and right is only this cave dwelling so what’s there to be worried about? I’ll tell you the truth then! Li’er is cultivating in the rear courtyard! I’ve imparted her a set of Sacred Phoenix Race’s Profound Skills some days ago but all she had on her mind was to take care of you so she hadn’t been cultivating whole-heartedly. Luckily you slept well today which is why she was willing to make time out to cultivate!”

A thought flashed by Li Moying’s mind.

“Yesterday, I ate the medicinal pill which Liu Buyan gave, and later on….” He suddenly fell asleep and slept that soundly?

When Bai Liufeng heard that, he chuckled as a delighted look surfaced on his face, “That’s right, I’m the one who asked Divine Doctor Liu to help prescribe that medicinal pill but it’s all for your sake! Divine Doctor Liu also said that for primordial spirit injuries, if one wanted to recover, the best remedy would be to sleep and rest more, and that’s advantageous to your body!”

Li Moying’s brows creased and he just realised that he was schemed by both Liu Buyan and Bai Liufeng together!

These two fellows couldn’t stand him monopolizing Huang Yueli’s attention so they actually thought of this dirty trick but yet still market it in a way that it was for his own good?

Li Moying clenched his teeth, telling himself not to be rash!

This was his future father-in-law, he absolutely could not make any mistake!

When Bai Liufeng saw him deflated, his mood finally turned better as he continued, “Speaking of this, don’t blame me for scheming against you. You ought to think more for Lass Li’s behalf! Her innate talent is so good and she obviously can become a peerless genius of the generation but yet she had wasted her previous cultivation time on you! Previously you were unconscious and she needed to take care of you, so we can forgo that but now that you’ve already awaken, yet you’re still monopolizing her, this is considered as delaying her!”

When Bai Liufeng said that, Li Moying could say nothing against it as he had no choice but to nod his head, “What Father-in-law said is right, it indeed is negligence on my part…”

Ever since he regained consciousness, gaining a new life after the tribulation, he naturally wanted to stick together with Huang Yueli always but he had neglected the fact that Huang Yueli had not been able to cultivate for a long period of time just because she had to take care of him…

Although Bai Liufeng looked as though he was out to scheme him, but he indeed was considering on behalf of Huang Yueli.