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Chapter 2421: The past from over a decade ago (2)

Li Moying shrugged as he spoke out calmly, “Of course I’m afraid that Father-in-law will beat me up! But Li’er spent too much effort to keep me alive, and if she found out that I sustained heavy injuries because of Father-in-law , she might be very angry over this!”

Bai Liufeng gave a cold laugh, “You little brat still dare to threaten me? Could Lass Li get angry with her biological father just because of an outsider like you?”

Li Moying retained an unhurried look on his face, “That is hard to say. After all, Father-in-law you had not appeared for ten over years whereas I am the one who accompanied Li’er by her side daily, so make a guess to see who is more important inside Li’er’s heart?”

“You… what did you say?” Bai Liufeng didn’t expect Li Moying to be so bold and he was angered badly by him.

Moreover, the most crucial part was that what Li Moying said had exactly poked right through the terror in the abyss of his heart.

He and Lass Li had not met for ten over years and although the both of them were getting along very well currently, but if he were to really punch this stinky brat, he wasn’t sure if Lass Li would flip tables with him!

From the various signs, Lass Li was totally devoted to this stinky brat and no matter what she did, she would always place Li Moying in first place.

Bai Liufeng was so angry that he couldn’t say a single word, and he even unleashed powerful Profound Energy might, hoping to use his strength to make Li Moying submit to him.

Although he couldn’t punch this stinky brat in the open, but letting him taste some stuffed disadvantage, surely Lass Li wouldn’t be able to tell right?

With this thinking in his mind, Bai Liufeng increased the intensity of his might.

However, Li Moying’s expression was as per normal and his back was upright as he stood firmly rooted in front of him. Not only did he not back down or throw up blood, there wasn’t even any change in expression on his face.

Bai Liufeng didn’t believe in such absurdity hence he increased his might as a powerful aura was emitted, so much that even the walls of the rooms all started to shake.

But, Li Moying still didn’t have any reaction,m and he even started to laugh.

“Father-in-law, I think you must have really misunderstood me. I don’t know why but since yesterday when you saw me, you must stand on the opposing end. Actually we are all very concerned about Li’er so we should have a mutual topic to converse in, isn’t it? If you don’t mind, I can have a chat with you on what Li’er experienced in the past few years. You should be very interested right?”

“This….” On hearing this, Bai Liufeng started to waver.

Li Moying struck the iron while it was hot and added, “Father-in-law, I heard that you loved wine, especially those spiritual wines which were brewed using spiritual grass. I have a few jars here and these are brewed by Li’er personally. She used the water from Spirit Saint Spring to brew it and it’s virtually impossible to purchase this even with ten thousand gold. Today I’ve specially brought it over, preparing to share it with Father-in-law you.”

Saying that, he retrieved a few urns of wine from his interspatial ring.

These wine jars’ caps were totally sealed but the aromatic fragrance of the alcoholic content started to spread, filling the entire room.

Bai Liufeng was someone who loved wine and on the first smell, he knew that this was an extremely expensive good grade of wine and his fury instantly dropped several points.

Thinking again, he originally couldn’t do anything to Li Moying. He couldn’t beat him up and even if he scolded him, he would be retialisted and moreover, it was all pinpointed at his sore points.

Now since this lad had automatically tried to fawn on him, then he… might as well use him and first get these few jars into his hands. After that, it wouldn’t be too late to chase him out!

Thinking of this, Bai Liufeng nodded his head forcibly as he said, “Alright then, you’ve specially come to pay me a visit so if I were to chase you out like this, it is a little too disrespectful…”