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Chapter 2417: Li Moying’s secret (4)

It wasn’t that she was unwilling to part with her dishes but rather she was worried that Li Moying would be unhappy.

This man had always been easily jealous and usually he couldn’t wait to monopolise all the dishes that she made, moreover that it was Liu Buyan, someone whom he could not stand seeing. Now that Liu Buyan snatched away a dish, would he fly into a rage on the spot?

Liu Buyan’s brows rose as he replied complacently, “Young Sect Master Li is extremely generous and wouldn’t be unwilling to part with a dish, am I right?”

Huang Yueli looked at Li Moying and thought that he would be angry but in the end, Li Moying merely shot a glance at Liu Buyan and didn’t say anything else.

Although his eyes were filled with frost, but he did not sweep Liu Buyan out of the door!

Huang Yueli’s mouth turned into an O shape, just what was going on? These two had finally…. buried the hatchet?

Before her astonishment had ended, she heard Li Moying raising his chin and spoke out in a tsundere tone, “Feed me!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide as she spoke out in surprise, “What? Feed you? Haven’t you already recovered? Could it be that you’re not feeling well anywhere? Senior Brother, what’s going on?”

She threw the question back towards Liu Buyan. Earlier when she left the room, wasn’t Li Moying perfectly fine? Just how much time had passed, could it be that his body couldn’t take it again?”

Liu Buyan was very clear that Li Moying was plainly taking revenge!

Trying to show off their love in front of him?

Liu Buyan laughed and said, “How could he not be feeling well? I think he’s feeling too well! Otherwise where would he find the mood to show off his love?”

Having been exposed by Liu Buyan mercilessly, Li Moying’s expression t did not change, and neither did he show any awkwardness at all.

On the contrary, he took it for granted as he tugged Huang Yueli’s sleeve and pointed out to her, “I want to eat that… I want to eat this…..”

Huang Yueli was rendered speechless, feeling that Li Moying was simply too childish but yet she was unable to reject his request. So she could only act like a little maid, obediently listening to his commands.

Li Moying looked at his little fox’s obedient look and his heart was crying out delightfully!

He even took some time to shoot a provocative look at Liu Buyan, and the meaning in that was clearer than ever, “You have the ability to snatch the food that Li’er’s made, but you will never be able to get Li’er’s care like this, what’s there to be delighted about?

Liu Buyan felt that it was an eyesore and couldn’t help but stand up.

Huang Yeuli was stunned as she turned his head and looked at him, “Senior Brother, you’re leaving already?”

Liu Buyan controlled the rush to want to place his fist onto Li Moying’s handsome face, as he tried to tug out a smile and nodded to Huang Yueli, “En, it’s not early anymore and I’ll first make a move! Right, this medicinal pill is something that I’ve specially refined in these past few days and in it contains a small amount of Bipolar Black Orchid which can help Li Moying continue to nurture his primordial spirit. Feed him a pill every day.”

Saying that, he retrieved a porcelain bottle from his chest and passed it into Huang Yueli’s hands.

Huang Yueli kept the medicinal bottle properly and personally sent him out.

After she returned, Li Moying continued to pester her to feed him and after she finally coaxed the childish man who had turned into a three year old baby, Li Moying turned around with a plop and pressed her onto the bed again.

“Li’er, stay and accompany me!” Li Moying’s straight nose rubbed against her delicate face, as he enticed her in a deep low voice.

Huang Yueli hugged his neck and automatically offered her lips, planting a kiss on his icy cold thin lips.

However, just as Li Moying was feeling joyous and was about to return the kiss, she stretched out her hand in between the both of them.