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Chapter 2418: Li Moying’s secret (5)

“Alright, you’ve already eaten your meal and I’ve already kissed you. Now I’m heading back!”

Li Moying frowned as he lowered his head and gently blew into her ear, attempting to use his manly charm to seduce her, “Why are you returning back for? I’m not going to do anything bad, just wanting you to accompany me. If you don’t accompany me to sleep, I will have nightmares at night…..”

Huang Yueli decisively pushed away his handsome face, “No way, my Father will be angry! I have finally managed to lure him away so that I can accompany you to have dinner and if he catches us lying on the same bed together, he will definitely punch you! Moreover speaking, your Soul Detachment Illness has already recovered so you shouldn’t have any nightmares at night!”

“Shouldn’t! What if I’m still having nightmares?” Li Moying attempted to act pitiful.

Huang Yueli said, “Then you’re pretending! After you took the Purified Pill, you didn’t have a single nightmare when you were unconscious for an entire month, why is it that you will have it now?”

Looking at Li’er’s sparkly big eyes, Li Moying was speechless.

His fiancée was getting smarter now and was very difficult to abduct, moreover there was a troublemaker father-in-law behind her, what should he do? Li Moying was extremely stuffed but after he was warned by Huang Yueli thoroughly, he could only let go and allow her to leave.

Before Huang left, she saw the porcelain bottle on the table and said, “Right, almost forgot about this. Senior Brother left the medicinal pill behind and don’t forget to eat it! Senior Brother told me that your primordial spirit is recovering well and in future, your cultivation speed will be much faster, your ability will become stronger do don’t you dare not eat the medication just because you’re afraid of it being bitter!”

Huang Yueli looked at Li Moying as she showed a straight face, instructing him seriously.

Right from his past life, Li Moying had never liked to take medication and Huang Yueli thought that he was deceiving her, just trying to cheat her into feeding him personally. But later on when she asked Cang Po Jun, she realised that he had been like this since young and the reason was even more ridiculous.

“Sovereign had always been afraid of bitterness since young and if there was bittergourd in the food that he ate, he would immediately spit it out!” When Cang Po Jun said these, his shoulders were shaking badly as he tried his best not to laugh out loud.

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli’s footsteps took a pause and she said, “I’ll pour you some water, take the medication first before I leave.”

Li Moying watched her handing him the medication pill and fell silent for a moment.

Actually, whether he ate this pill or not, to him it wasn’t much of a difference because it was determined that he would not be able to return back to his past life’s ability, and he might not even be able to arrive at the ninth stage realm peak…..

Just a few mere medicinal pills to strengthen his primordial spirit, was like a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood.

When Huang Yueli saw him not moving, she assumed that he was afraid of the bitterness hence he was trying to act as though he didn’t agree to eat it.

She pouted and delivered the teacup to his lips, “Quick, don’t hesitate! Shut your eyes and swallow it in one mouth!”

Li Moying turned his head around trying to avoid it but Huang Yueli changed the direction of the cup, sending it over.

Li Moying asked, “Will there be a reward if I finish eating it?”

Huang Yueli was stunned and instantly growled, “Yes, yes, yes, I’ll give you a sweet, alright?”

She really didn’t dare to believe it, just how old was Li Moying! He had such obvious ability and was such a tall and handsome man, why was it that when he fell ill, he instantly turned into a little baby?

Hearing that, Li Moying finally nodded his head as he took the teacup and swallowed the pill.

That tightly creased brows and that tangled expression, those who weren’t clear of what had happened would definitely have thought that he was being forced to eat a lethal poison!