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Chapter 2416: Li Moying’s secret (3)

It was imaginable that if Huang Yueli found out about this, just how much she would resent herself and how miserable she would feel.

She happily thought that he was totally cured but in the end, she found out that the matter was totally different from what she had thought…..

Of course, if it was said that Li Moying’s illness wasn’t cured, that wasn’t so. At least now, no matter if it was cultivation or battle, he had already recovered to the same as an ordinary practitioner and would not have the illness acting up just because of a little accidental situation or even to face death.

But, if it was to say that he was completely cured, that was not totally correct as well.

Liu Buyan remained silent for a moment and said, “About this you don’t need to worry. Ever since you were young, when I first did the consultation for you, I already knew that this would most likely end up in this but have I ever leaked a single word out? Now you’re already no different from any ordinary person and it’s already none of my business, so all the more I wouldn’t trouble myself by doing this extra move.”

Li Moying nodded his head and thought for a moment then asked again, “Right, there’s another matter… Li’er’s father, that Bai Liufeng…. is he trustable?”

Even though he trusted Huang Yueli’s judgement very much but this Bai Liufeng was filled with plenty of suspicious points.

Someone who had already gone missing for ten over years suddenly popping out, and just happened to save them?

He was a little worried that Huang Yueli would be overly excited from seeing her own blood kin and was deceived by others hence he specially avoided her to secretly find out the truth from Liu Buyan.

Liu Buyan naturally understood his meaning and muttered, “From what I see, Marquis Bai’s status shouldn’t be a problem and he knows everything about Junior Sister when she was in South Yue Kingdom. Moreover he’s been very good to Junior Sister and he had been imparting many God grade cultivation methods to her in the past few days. Even the few of us have also received pointers from Marquis Bai and our abilities have increased greatly! Previously when treating your treatment, Marquis Bai had also come out with a huge amount of effort. From the looks of it, he genuinely pampers Junior Sister. But…..”

Liu Buyan paused and said, “But Marquis Bai indeed has some secret hidden from us. Junior Sister had asked him several times but there was no news about it…..”

Li Moying nodded, “I know already. Buyan, thank you!”

Liu Buyan’s lips curled, “Thank me for what? Thank me for coming up with a lie to deceive my Junior Sister?”

“Thank you for allowing her to stay happy, to do everything she wants to do.” Li Moying seemed as though he didn’t hear the ridicule in his words, as he remained composed while thanking him earnestly.

Liu Buyan’s brows rose, apparently a little not accustomed to the fact that the usual overbearing Li Moying could even sprout such words from his mouth.

“Since you are so grateful to me, can you promise me one other thing?”

Li Moying replied, “What?”

Liu Buyan giggled and was evidently rather scheming, “In future when Junior Sister cooks for you, you must share with me. This Divine Doctor had long not been accustomed to seeing you eat alone…”

His words just landed and Li Moying still hadn’t had time to express his attitude when a knock on the door sounded out, as though it was premeditated.

Huang Yueli knocked on the door and, not waiting for those people inside to respond, she already pushed the door open and walked in on her own.

She was holding a serving tray in her hand and on it was some hot white porridge and six small plates of side dishes.

Huang Yueli placed the serving tray on the table in front of the bed and wanted to pass the porridge over to Li Moying.

Whoever knew that she hadn’t even moved and Liu Buyan had conveniently walked towards a plate of sauteed prawns. Without using chopsticks, he directly used his fingers to pick it up and started eating.

Huang Yueli was stunned, “Senior Brother, that…. that’s for Moying. If you want to eat, I’ll make some more for you?”