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Chapter 2414: Li Moying’s secret (1)

Thinking of this, Bai Liufeng instantly felt out of sorts.

But before he could even express his dissatisfaction, Li Moying suddenly spoke out again, “Divine Doctor Liu, haven’t you mentioned before that when you’re doing consultation, all surrounding people must leave with the patient around only? My father-in-law is here, will it affect you from the consultation?”

When he said this, the both of them were stunned.

Liu Buyan was slightly surprised but immediately following that, he seemed to have thought of something as he nodded his head, “Indeed so, this is the first consultation after you regained consciousness and I have to use the golden needle to check on your internal breathing so it is indeed best not to have anyone else present…. But Senior Bai…”

On hearing that, Bai Liufeng instantly spoke out kindly, “Since that’s so, I will not interrupt Divine Doctor Liu, I’ll make a move first!”

He could tell that the both of them were trying to send him away but as long as Lass Li left this stinky brat, he wasn’t very concerned about the other matters.

Moreover speaking, his Lass Li was going to cook!

He could hurry over to the kitchen and snatch the opportunity before the stinky brat, to taste Lass Li’s culinary skills! It would be best to eat everything!

Wasn’t the stinky brat feeling frail? Just have some porridge and that will do!

The moment Bai Liufeng left, Li Moying’s expression turned solemn and the gaze he shot onto Liu Buyan became much abstruse than before.

“This time… many thanks to you!”

Liu Buyan was stunned and instantly spoke out with a smile that wasn’t quite like a smile, “This is indeed rare! This is the first time in this lifetime that I’ve heard the word ‘thanks’ from you!

His words carried a hint of ridicule, but Li Moying seemed as though he didn’t detected anything and still continued solemnly, “I have to thank you, not to thank you for saving my life, but to thank you for exhausting your means while I was unconscious, to protect Li’er so that she is able to stand in front of me unharmed.”

Hearing that, Liu Buyan kept away his smile and shook his head slightly, “No need to thank me, I didn’t do that for you! No matter if it wasn’t to treat you or to battle to death, I did it all for Junior Sister!”

These words were something that Li Moying originally didn’t like to hear, but now with Bai Liufeng as a comparison, he actually felt nothing about it.

Li Moying leaned back onto the pillow on the bed and shrugged, “Alright then, since you said no need to thank, then I really don’t need to thank you! By then don’t say that I’m petty and refuse to give me my thank you gift!”

Liu Buyan gave a cold snort, “If I really wanted your thank you gift, I’m afraid that you will not be able to afford it! Your treatment is the most complicated and most difficult to treat among all those cases that I had treated! Alright, enough of the rubbish, quickly pass your hand to me and let me see how your recovery is coming along.”

Li Moying stretched out his hand and Liu Buyan locked onto his wrist as he shut both eyes and started to check his pulse.

The time he took to check his pulse was much longer than Huang Yueli’s.

It was right until after a quarter of an hour, he still hadn’t said anything and the expression on his face seemed a little grim.

If it was any other ordinary patient, on seeing this, they would most probably go into a fluster.

But there wasn’t much expression on Li Moying’s face, and right until Liu Buyan finally let go of his wrist, he asked in an unhurried fashion, “How is it?”

Liu Buyan took a look at him and said, “That’s one good news and one bad news, which one do you want to listen to first?”

Li Moying looked at him in a ‘it doesn’t matter’ look, “then… good news I guess.”

Liu Buyan nodded his head, “The good news is, the treatment this time round is very successful and the Purified Pill’s medicinal effects are displayed very well. Your primordial spirit damage is already restored to around eighty percent and the remaining twenty percent will slowly regenerate within these few years.”