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Chapter 2413: Difficulty in settling father-in-law (6)

This time round, Huang Yueli had finally heard him and her actions took a pause as she instantly turned her gaze back onto Bai Liufeng.

“Ughh, Father….”

Bai Liufeng stared at her, feeling that this could not continue!

Ever since this stinky brat regained consciousness, he sensed an extremely serious crisis and if he didn’t take action quickly, this stinky brat was going to abduct his Lass Li away again!

He instantly said, “Alright Lass Li, haven’t you said that you’re worried that this stinky brat has no one to take care of him? I’ve asked Divine Doctor Liu over! With a ninth ranked Pill Master around, he’s definitely much stronger than you so just let him take Li Moying’s pulse. Now you will leave with me!”

“But…..” Huang Yueli frowned and wanted to convince him.

But just at this moment, Liu Buyan who had been standing by the side suddenly opened his mouth.

“That’s right, Junior Sister, with me around, you can rest assured. I know Li Moying’s illness most clearly so let me check on him properly to see how his recovery has progressed. You should have a good rest. After all, you’ve already looked after him for several months and it’s tiring enough!”

“But, Senior Brother…” Huang Yueli looked at him in astonishment, apparently not expecting Liu Buyan to actually say such a thing!

Actually, when Liu Buyan saw Li Moying and Bai Liufeng’s interaction, he was almost bursting with laughter!

It was really rare because usually he was the one who was sunken in front of Li Moying but now he could see Li Moying’s sunken look!

Who asked him to be arrogant, who asked him to be domineering! Now he had already offended his future father-in-law, let’s see what he would do!

Liu Buyan was very happy to see Li Moying running into bad luck so when he saw Bai Liufeng preparing to give him trouble, he immediately ran over, expressing that he would coordinate with him fully!

He and Bai Liufeng were standing on the same line, and in the past he couldn’t win against Li Moying but now, the team player Bai Liufeng was extremely powerful.

Wanting to marry his Junior Sister, how could it be that easy? They absolutely could not let Li Moying to get such a cheap advantage!

Huang Yueli’s thoughts took a chance and understood that Liu Buyan was intentionally tearing down the stage so she instantly didn’t know if she could laugh or cry. She was just preparing to say something to chase away these two protective men.

Suddenly, Li Moying spoke out from behind her, “Li’er, what Liu Buyan said is correct, let him take a look for me and you will be assured! I have just woken up from a month long unconsciousness and feel very hungry… Li’er, can you fix something up for me to eat?”

Huang Yueli was stunned and suddenly recalled that Li Moying had not eaten anything for an entire month.

Even though practitioners could rely entirely on recycling the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi to survive, but as time went on, not eating anything would damage their internal organs.

Moreover she could tell that Li Moying seemed… to be finding a reason for her to leave?

Huang Yueli was a little worried about letting him and Bai Liufeng stay together but luckily there was still Liu Buyan around and the two of them were not alone together, so… they wouldn’t fight… right?

She met with Li Moying’s eyes and saw resolution and decisiveness in his eyes and was finally assured.

“Alright, then I’ll go find something for you to eat!”

Saying that, she turned around and left.

Seeing Huang Yueli walking away, Bai Liufeng’s face finally revealed a sliver of a smile. Finally, his Lass Li was willing to leave this stinky brat!

But moments later, his thoughts underwent a change, feeling that something was amiss.

Lass Li left, to cook for this stinky brat!


As her father, he had never eaten the food that his daughter cooked, yet Lass Li was going to serve this stinky brat?