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Chapter 2415: Li Moying’s secret (2)

Hearing this, Li Moying took an astonished look at him.

According to what Liu Buyan said, his illness should be completely healed then!

Since the good news was this good, what bad news could there be?

“Then.. bad news?”

“The bad news is….” Liu Buyan paused and looked straight in Li Moying’s eyes, as though he was trying to penetrate into his inner heart.

“Your primordial spirit in this lifetime is not complete! Not only because of the injury, but…. because in your past life, you had to forcibly split it up into half! No matter how awesome the medicinal pill is, it can only treat injuries and not come out with that missing part of your primordial spirit!”

Li Moying shook all over and he looked at Liu Buyan as he couldn’t say a word momentarily!

After a long time later, he found back his voice, “So your meaning is…..”

Liu Buyan sighed and said, “So, no matter what, the intensity of your primordial spirit is only half of your past life and what kind of consequence does this lead to, you should be clearer than me! Your cultivation and potential will definitely be seriously affected and even though your innate talent in this lifetime is much stronger than your past life, but you will never be able to reach the peak state in your past lifetime! Even to the extent that you possibly might not be able to break through the ninth stage realm peak!”

When Li Moying heard that, he finally couldn’t help but frown.

To a peerlessly strong exponent like him, getting injured or even dying wasn’t considered as a scary thing but if their ability dropped, it would make them suffer more than dying!

Even though Liu Buyan had once reminded him, but back then it was merely a guess and now, it had become a conclusion.

Liu Buyan’s words finally triggered him.

Li Moying remained silent for some time and said, “Is there really no way? Any medicinal pills that can raise one’s primordial spirit’s intensity, I’ve once read one of the ancient manuals and you’re well versed in medical books, can’t you grasp these medicinal pill’s prescriptions?”

Liu Buyan shook his head and said, “If there was a way, I absolutely would not say such things. That’s right, there are some pills which can raise one’s primordial spirit’s intensity but these pills are actually very weak. If your primordial spirit’s damage is not only less than half, then it is possible to recover after eating it continuously for eight to ten years, but now…..”

He had not completed his sentence but the underlying meaning was more obvious than it could be.

The degree of damage to Li Moying’s primordial spirit was so serious, so even if there were numerous ninth levelled medicinal pills for him to spend, it would be unable to turn the hopeless situation around.

Liu Buyan carefully sized up Li Moying’s expression.

Although they were now bearing the relationship of love rivals, but strong exponents understood each other and when they saw a powerful abled genius practitioner with outstanding innate talent, to accept the fate that he would never be able to breakthrough, Liu Buyan felt a little unbearable for him.


Liu Buyan recalled the contents that he had read once from an ancient manual back then and almost let slip of it.

But immediately following that, he shook his head and shook away this thought.

No, he couldn’t say that!

Just as Liu Buyan had gone into a trance, Li Moying had already thought it through and accepted his explanation.

“I understand your meaning and thank you for helping me find ways and means to treat this for the past days. Since your medical skills has no way to help me, it looks like it’s a reality that cannot be changed.”

Li Moying paused and said, “This matter, I hope that it will only be known to the both of us. You must help me keep this a secret, especially… you can’t let Li’er find out about it!”