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Chapter 2404: Father-in-law views his son-in-law (3)

Li Moying’s eyes stared open in disbelief, thinking that he had developed hallucinations!

Father? What Father?

Hadn’t his Li’er lost her parents when she was just four years old, which was why she was being bullied by the Bai family when she was in South Yue Kingdom?


Li Moying suddenly recalled that when he was in South Yue Kingdom, he had once heard that Li’er’s father was Marquis Bai Liufeng, who was considered as a top rated talented practitioner in South Sky Region but he mysteriously went missing when he went on an experience learning trip, could it be…..

Thinking of this, Li Moying squinted his eyes as he looked at Bai Liufeng once again.

This time round, he took an extremely detailed look and realised that this exceptionally handsome looking man did have some similarity with Huang Yueli, especially that pair of eyes, which was simply from the same source.

Of course, he looked very young and just from his looks alone, it would be more apt to call him as Huang Yueli’s brother instead.

But a practitioner who looked so young and yet had such profound cultivation….

Could it be that this really was Li’er’s father?

Just as Li Moying was sizing Bai Liufeng up, Bai Liufeng was also observing Li Moying.

His vision swept past Li Moying’s handsomely ageless face and his robust figure, sensing the powerful aura which was emitted formlessly from him and silently nodded his head.

If it was said that Li Moying was a strange younger junior who was not linked to him, he would have no way but to admit that this young lad was really not bad and he would definitely have a good future!

But as his future son-in-law, then… he failed!

Having such a good looking face and his eyes even carried luck with the ladies so on one look, he should be a womanizer with plenty of young ladies being swept under his long robe!

No wonder his obedient and adorable Lass Li was cheated by him till she ran round in circles, staying together with him even before they were married!

Adding on to Li Moying’s innate talent and potential, it really seemed like what Huang Yueli said, extraordinary and a top rated peerless genius in Soaring Heavens Continent! Tsk tsk, then his ill-lucked love affairs would be plenty more!

Bai Liu Feng was ridiculing Li Moying in her heart, totally forgetting that just a few days ago, he was still warning Huang Yueli to “find a powerful man who can protect her”. Now on seeing that Li Moying was really able to protect Huang Yueli, he despised him for having too powerful an ability which would cause other women to covet him! It was simply contradictory!

Anyway, he just couldn’t bear for his daughter to get married, so no matter what he just found Li Moying unpleasant to the eye!

The two men exchanged glances wordlessly and Huang Yueli was so anxious that she stomped her feet, “Father! Moying needs to rest. Return back to your room first and you’re not allowed to bully him!”

Bai Liufeng was originally dissatisfied with Li Moying and on hearing Huang Yueli saying that, the sour feeling instantly gushed towards his brain!

The minute the stinky brat surnamed Li awoke, his daughter immediately didn’t want her father any longer!

It was obviously Li Moying who attacked him first and he merely counter-attacked, but in the end Lass Li said that he was bullying this lad??

Where did his considerate and smart daughter go? It was definitely this stinky brat’s fault!

Thinking of this, Bai Liufeng was even more insistent on not leaving as his cold gaze swept past Li Moying’s face, “You’re Li Moying? I heard that when my Lass Li was in South Yue Kingdom, you took care of her. As her father, I must thank you properly! You are not feeling well so have a good rest right here!”

When Li Moying heard that, his brows creased.

He felt that the taste in these words seemed off the minute he heard it!

His brows rose, “Father-in-law, you’re too courteous!”