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Chapter 2405: Father-in-law views his son-in-law (4)

Li Moying bowed his body slightly and his hands were held in front as he put on an extremely earnest attitude, “Li’er is my fiancée so taking care of her is my responsibility. We’re all one family so please don’t be so polite with me! Earlier, it’s this son-in-law who hasn’t got things clearly and accidentally hurt you, please do not put it to heart…”

Li Moying’s reaction was extremely swift as he instantly passed judgement on Bai Liufeng’s status.

Although he didn’t knew why Bai Liufeng who had gone missing for more than a decade would appear at this place, and why did Huang Yueli and him had suddenly reunited with each other, but since his Li’er had already greeted him as “Father”, then that meant that the other party was definitely his future Father-in-law!

The position of Father-in-law was something that every man could not afford to offend, moreover for such a top rated top exponent like Bai Liufeng.

Although Li Moying was not resigned, but he was still able to pass judgement at the first moment that admitting being terrified was the best choice to make now…..

Bai Liufeng was stunned for a moment because he had not expected Li Moying to suddenly have a change of attitude at the very next moment. Wasn’t he very smug just a while ago?

He was puzzled deep in his heart but his mouth still didn’t spare him as he spoke out immodestly, “Young Master Li, I think you must be mistaken. Since the ancient times, when two families unite in marriage, the match is always by parent’s order and matchmaker’s word. The marriage arrangement that you two juniors set by yourself doesn’t count, and it’s all child’s play based on two children’s words so you need not put it to heart. Lass Li is still so young and her innate talent is so much, so she should place her emphasis on cultivation first. It’s too early to talk about love and delay her cultivation, so will Young Master Li please stop addressing Lass Li as your fiancée!”

Li Moying was stunned for a moment and immediately, his brows creased even tighter.

He had not expected that on his first meeting with his future father-in-law, he made such a huge blunder and the other party even refused to admit the marriage arrangement between him and Li’er!

Why did it turn out like this? What exactly had gone wrong?

While Li Moying was still hesitating, Huang Yueli looked astonishedly at Bai Liufeng then after her she puffed up her cheeks as she fumed, “Father, what rubbish are you sprouting? I told you many times before that it was myself who willingly got engaged with Moying!”

Bai Liufeng looked at his angry expression and felt even more out of sorts.

Ever since he was reunited with his daughter, she had always been obedient but whenever he mentioned this stinky brat Li Moying, she immediately went up against him!

This time round it’s gone too far, she even tore her own father’s stage in front of this stinky brat!

He gave a cold harrumph as he spoke out unhappily, “Father also said this many times already! The marriage that you have set yourself doesn’t count and Father will not admit it! You’re still so young and you should just focus on cultivation. It is normal for us practitioners to consider marriage when we are a few hundred years old, since where is there anyone who is abducted at such a tender age?”

When Huang Yueli heard these words, her heart was filled with anxiety and moreover she still didn’t quite understand what was going on.

Wasn’t it Bai Liufeng who said it in the past, that he felt that Li Moying didn’t have enough potential hence he wasn’t assured in marrying her to him. But now Bai Liufeng had personally witnessed that after Li Moying had recovered from his illness, he was able to fight evenly with the Continent’s top rated exponent, and his innate talent was totally shocking! What was her father still dissatisfied with!

Huang Yueli’s lips pouted as she said in dissatisfaction, “Father, how can you go back on your words? You were the one who said it yourself, that as long as Moying’s potential was powerful enough, you would consider agreeing to our marriage?”

Bai Liufeng coughed and spoke out boldly and confidently, “I only said to consider, and now the result of the consideration is… I don’t agree!”