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Chapter 2403: Father-in-law views his son-in-law (2)

His furrowed his brows coldly and his expression swept across the man on the bed provocatively.

Aha, he had seen many people with fat guts but he had never seen someone this gutsy before!

The minute he woke up, he attacked his future father-in-law and he even dared to ask him to scram?? If he didn’t teach him how to respect his elders, he really wouldn’t know just how red the flower was!

Li Moying had apparently not noticed it at all as Bai Liufeng’s words were filled with traps, totally failing to notice that Huang Yueli’s eyes were exactly the same as Bai Liufeng’s.

He had just awoken from a long period of unconsciousness and his senses had yet to fully awaken.

The current Li Moying only noticed that his beloved Li’er was in the arms of a man who popped out of nowhere, and moreover, not only was this fellow arrogant, his potential was abnormally powerful! It was on par with that Lord Zhan in the Snow Phoenix Palace!

What background did this man had, why was he on such intimate terms with Huang Yueli? Had Li’er been bullied by him?

The more Li Moying thought, the angrier he became and he couldn’t even care about the fact that his body was frail, as he instantly leapt out of bed.

“Looking for death! Warning you one last time, let go of Li’er, otherwise…..”

“Otherwise what?” The threatened father-in-law gave a cold laugh as he had no restraining fear at all.

Little guy, could I be afraid of you? Do you still wish to marry Lass Li?

However, even before he had finished laughing, a bolt of penetrative lightning had already descended from the sky, directly crashing down from the top of his head!

This bolt of lightning was much stronger by several times than his sneak attack earlier and the rampaging thunder attributed Profound Energy pierced through the roof, as it advanced courageously, attacking towards him!

Bai Liufeng’s expression suddenly underwent a change!

He had already thought that he might be attacked by Li Moying but he had not expected Li Moying’s attack to be so strong!

Even for a peerless exponent like him who was nearing tenth stage realm, had no choice but to perk up his senses, to deal with him carefully!

Bai Liufeng hurriedly pushed Huang Yueli aside and at the same time, gathered a bolt of wind blade to meet with Li Moying’s lightning.

Two bolts of extremely powerful Profound Energy crashed against each other in mid-air and gave off an earth shattering explosion, as the ice pieces above their heads kept dropping down, like a hailstorm.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there was an ancient array being set up around the surroundings, this block of ice mountain that they were hiding in would probably have been torn apart by the both of them!

Li Moying gave a dull “oof” and took a few steps and took a few steps backwards. More or less he was at a disadvantage but the war intent in his eyes grew thicker.

Bai Liufeng had an astonished look. Li Moting’s potential was totally out of his predictions.

Just as the two men were engaged in a confrontation, Huang Yueli ran over and stopped right in between the both of them as she cried out exasperatedly, “Stop, both of you stop right now! You’re not allowed to fight!”

Li Moying’s expression changed and he hurriedly cried out, “Li’er, come over. This fellow’s potential is very strong and it’s too dangerous for you to stand there!”

Saying that, he wanted to stretch out his hand to pull Huang Yueli behind him.

“Lass Li, come over here!” Li Moying’s heart jolted when he heard that man on the opposite side saying the same thing.

Out of his expectations, Huang Yueli actually walked right over towards him, letting him pull onto nothing!!

Li Moying almost fainted from fury and just as he was unable to control his rage, he suddenly heard Huang Yueli’s enraged voice, “Father, you’re simply too much! Moying has just woken up and his body is still very frail! Why are you bullying him?”

“What did you say? Father?” Li Moying’s eyeballs almost fell onto the ground.