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Chapter 2397: Li Moying regains consciousness (7)

No matter what, this time round, they could only succeed and not fail!

Whereas she had already exhausted all her best, to personally save Li Moying!

Huang Yueli’s gaze was determined and her fingers pinched the sparkly and shining golden needles, aiming at the few acupoints on Li Moying’s body as she pierced it downwards resolutely!

Following her action, Li Moying’s body shivered slightly as his throat also gave off a minute moaning sound.

Huang Yueli knew that this was the reflection of how pained Li Moying was.

Liu Buyan had told her way before this that the treatment process for treating Soul Detachment Illness was extremely, extremely painful and what Li Moying needed to endure was pain which was hundred times worse than being cut by knives. Ordinary people would probably not be able to wait until the treatment process was over before they went insane from the extreme pain.

Li Moying’s determination was very strong and this sort of matter naturally wouldn’t possibly surface on him so this was something that everyone believed in.

But the display of Li Moying’s pain, to Huang Yueli herself, was a kind of test.

Every single needle she pierced onto him, would increase the pain that Li Moying felt and under this circumstance, even for someone like Huang Yueli who was so composed and resolute, would also be wavering.

Looking at the sweat which had profuse on Li Moying’s forehead, her actions indeed took a pause.

Liu Buyan’s eyes were half opened as he looked towards Huang Yueli’s direction.

He was now injecting Profound Energy into Li Moying and it was the most crucial moment. In order to guarantee both of their safety, he couldn’t even say a single word, in case Profound Energy leaked outwards.

But Huang Yueli’s hesitation in her eyes made him extremely worried.

Liu Buyan’s heart was suspended as he looked at her, worried that she might not be able to control herself and ruin the entire show.

However, the thing that Liu Buyan was worried about did not happen as Huang Yueli stopped for a few breaths and immediately held on to another golden needle, piercing down onto the second acupoint on Li Moying!

Her action was still resolute and determined!

Following that was the third needle, fourth needle…

Huang Yueli’s actions became swifter and swifter as her action became more and more precise.

Li Moying’s body, under her hand, was trembling non-stop because of the pain and the degree of his tremble was getting greater and greater, but she remained calm and determined as every single golden needle that pierced down was just nice. It was perfectly matched against the marked points on the acupoint chart, piercing one after another golden needle into Li Moying’s body.

Liu Buyan was assured and continued to concentrate on injecting Profound Energy into Li Moying’s meridians.

As time slowly went by, the Purified Pill’s medicinal effect kept on diverging as it was slowly absorbed…..

His virtually routed primordial spirit, under the coordination of four ninth stage realm peak practitioners, was slowly restored….

Not knowing how long had passed, Liu Buyan slowly opened his eyes and shot a gaze to Huang Yueli, indicating for her to remove the needles.

It was already at this last stage and Huang Yueli was already extremely tired out mentally and physically, but still, her actions did not carry any hint of hesitation at all.

The golden needles under her slender and fair fingers flew speedily as one after another needle was removed.

Liu Buyan and the others also coordinated with her actions as they slowly retracted the Profound Energy which they injected into Li Moying’s body.

It took another long period of time when Huang Yueli finally pulled out all the golden needles.

She kept away the last golden needle and heaved a sigh of relief, only to discover that the back of her clothes was soaked through in sweat, and she had already exhausted all the Profound Energy within her meridians.

Earlier, she had already displayed her Wood attributed innate talent to its best!