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Chapter 2396: Li Moying regains consciousness (6)

Huang Yueli looked at Li Moying’s almost translucent complexion and nodded her head firmly, “Senior Brother, don’t worry!”

Earlier when Liu Buyan went into closed door seclusion, he had already given Huang Yueli an acupoint chart, which stated all the fine details of the golden needle acupuncture procedure and things to take note of.

These few days, other than taking care of Li Moying, Huang Yueli had been researching this piece of acupoint chart seriously and had long memorised the contents on it into her brain.

But this was merely the second time for her to administer the acupuncture for patients and it was such a complicated and difficult illness, which was filled with challenges.

If it was any other ordinary doctors, they probably would not dare to take the risk and nor did they have the confidence to do it well. However, Huang Yueli totally didn’t hesitate at all.

Not only was this so, now there were no other choices and because of this, she had total confidence in herself!

Even Bai Liufeng also couldn’t help but take a few more looks at Huang Yueli.

After spending the past few days with Huang Yueli, he had finally discovered just how talented this daughter was, and how incredible she was! Her innate talent was very high, simply surpassing his imagination!

She was already a seventh stage realm practitioner at such a tender age, moreover she was even a ninth ranked Pill Master Dai Boqi’s disciple and he heard that she was an extremely talented Armament Master…..

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had witnessed it for himself, he wouldn’t dare to believe that there was such a genius under this heavens, and this person was his daughter…

Liu Buyan was confident of Huang Yueli and on hearing her guarantee, he nodded his head slightly and instructed, “Alright, then you can feed the pill to Li Moying.”

Huang Yueli heard that and immediately opened the jade box in her hand, as she took out that piece of dark green pill and stuffed it into Li Moying’s mouth.

Li Moying’s deadly pale lips shook a little as though he was about to spit out the pill.

Huang Yueli hurriedly lowered her head and used her lips to seal his lips as the tip of her tongue pushed against his teeth, forcing him to swallow it down.

Bai Liu Feng was watching from the side and felt out of sorts, almost couldn’t stop himself from separating the both of them forcibly!

However, just at this moment, Liu Buyan’s voice was heard from his right side, “Everyone take note, the Purified Pill’s medicinal effect has already started to spread, everyone be prepared to inject your Profound Energy, starting from Marquis Bai whose cultivation is the highest…..”

Pinpointed by Liu Buyan, Bai Liu Feng could only clench his teeth hard to swallow his anger and started to follow Liu Buyan’s instruction to take action.

But in his heart, he had silently given Li Moying a demerit point!

The few of them took turns to inject their Profound Energies to Li Moying and the latter’s original pale skin became even more transparent, and even his body’s meridians were seen indistinctively. Whereas on his forehead, he started to sprout cold sweat and not too long later, his entire face was dripping wet.

He was restrained by Liu Buyan and the other’s Profound Energy so his entire body was immovable but his brows kept on twitching non stop.

One could only imagine, just how intense the pain he was suffering right now.

Huang Yueli took this scene into her eyes as her fists were slightly clenched, but she still didn’t make a single sound, deeply afraid that she might affect Liu Buyan and the others.

After a while, Liu Buyan’s eyes gazed sideways as he spoke, “Junior Sister, you can start the acupuncture now!”

“Alright!” Huang Yueli replied and walked up.

Actually when she heard that she was to personally administer treatment for Li Moying later, she was slightly anxious but when it really came to this crucial moment, facing Li Moying’s body, her inner heart actually calmed down instead.