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Chapter 2398: Li Moying regains consciousness (8)

Liu Buyan and the others also completed retracting their Profound Energy completely.

Following that they all got up and Li Moying’s body slanted to one side as he slid towards the side of the bed.

“Moying!” Huang Yueli could not even be bothered to wipe the sweat off her forehead as she rushed towards the side of the bed and supported Li Moying, helping him lie flat on the bed once again.

Li Moying’s sweat on his body was not any lesser than hers, and the corners of his lips even seeped out some blood.

All these happened while he was in extreme pain and were all responses which were done without any consciousness.

Huang Yueli felt an extreme heartache and while she wiped his sweat, she asked Liu Buyan, “Senior Brother, Moying he…. how is his situation exactly? Why hasn’t he regained consciousness yet?”

Liu Buyan got off the bed and immediately took out a piece of Profound Energy replenishing pill as he swallowed it but his complexion was still deathly pale.

It was obvious that the exhaustion of his Profound Energy was simply too huge.

Even so, he still remembered to comfort Huang Yueli, “Junior Sister no need to worry. Li Moying’s primordial spirit and the medicinal effect had fused very well and the administration of your acupuncture was done perfectly as well. But the restoration of one’s primordial spirit is a long process and not something that could be restored perfectly at one go. So he will still be unconscious for a while and until his primordial spirit has restored to around eighty percent or so, he will then regain consciousness.”

Huang Yulei frowned slightly, “Eighty percent? How long will that take?”

Liu Buyan said, “At least seven days, at most slightly longer than one month, which are all possibilities. As long as he regains consciousness, he will be able to cultivate as per normal in future and his illness will not act up. But if he wants to restore to his previous powerful primordial spirit, that would take a long time to slowly nurture it… last time, haven’t you said that you have plenty of Spirit Saint Spring Water? Feed him a little every day and it will be advantageous to him.”

Huang Yueli was finally assured as she nodded her head, “Senior Brother, this time round, we really have to thank you! We are indebted to you and in future, if you need me or Moying’s help, we will go through water and thread on fire without any hesitation!”

When Liu Buyan heard that, his gaze seemed to dim a little.

What he wanted was not Huang Yueli and Li Moying’s favour. Moreover, hearing Huang Yueli putting herself and Li Moying as “we”, and placing him as an “outsider” who needed to be thanked, made him feel a strange sour feeling in his heart.

However, after a while later, Liu Buyan started laughing, “With your words, I am assured. You and Moying’s favor…. It’s extremely priceless! First, refine a God Relic for me to play around with!”

Huang Yueli was stunned and immediately started laughing as well, “Keep wishing! Just wait for it slowly, you!”

Due to Liu Buyan’s joke, the earlier melancholic atmosphere finally became a little relaxed.

Liu Buyan propped up his back and slowly stood up, “Alright, I’ve already completed everyone on my hands and following this, I will not care any longer. Anyway Junior Sister you’re an Armament Master, so you can take care of Li Moying properly. I’m going back to rest….”

Liu Buyan’s face was green and pale, as though his energy had been totally depleted.

Huang Yueli was deeply worried that he might fall on his way back as she hurriedly instructed Cang Po Jun and the others, “Guardian Jun, Guardian Hun, can the both of you send my Senior Brother back to his room? Let him have a good rest. You two have been tired out as well, quickly go back and rest too.”

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Hun both nodded, “Young Miss Bai be assured, we will make a move now.”

After they left, there was only Bai Liufeng who was still standing in the room, looking at Huang Yueli and Li Moying.