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Chapter 2391: Li Moying regains consciousness (1)

In actual fact, the man whom she had found was originally the most powerful man in the entire Soaring Heavens Continents, alright?

Adding on to her two lifetimes, other than when she was in South Yue Kingdom, she had never heard of anyone who said that Li Moying was too weak!

Take Dai Boqi for example who didn’t want her to marry Li Moying initially, he always persuaded her in this manner, “A man can’t just depend on potential. One look and you can tell that Young Sect Master Li’s character is overbearing and overwhelming, totally not that kind of tender and considerate type, you following him would result in you being bullied easily by him!”

What was it that Bai Liufeng was the opposite?

Huang Yueli knew that she wasn’t able to clarify this misunderstanding with just a few mere sentences so she could only placate him by saying, “Father, you’ve really thought too much! Moying’s innate talent and potential are both very strong! But only because he has the Soul Detachment Illness hence he’s now unconscious and moreover, his illness acted up because he wanted to protect me and crossed hands with Lord Zhan…”

Hearing that, Bai Liufeng was truly stunned but following that, he replied in disbelief, “You’re saying… that stinky brat crossed hands with Lord Zhan?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “That’s right, back then when we were locked up by Lord Zhan, in order to protect me, Moying utilised his secret technique hence resulting in his illness acting up suddenly… luckily my Senior Brother and the rest came in time, otherwise, the consequences would be dire…..”

Saying that, Huang Yueli recalled the scene back then and also recalled how Li Moying stood up to block her behind him, without thinking about him and her expression went dim.

Bai Liufeng heard her clear and logical story but still found it hard to believe.

“This… how is this possible? What kind of potential does that Lord Zhan have? Even if it was your father I, when I go up against him, my chances are only fifty fitty! That stinky brat surnamed Li looks just twenty plus year old and yet he’s able to cross hands with Lord Zhan? Moreover…”

Bai Liufeng didn’t continue speaking, but instead swept his gaze onto Huang Yueli.

Previously, Huang Yueli’s body was stained with blood and looked dishevelled, but that was because she was smudged with dirt from the blood pool. In actual fact, she didn’t suffer any injuries at all.

Now that she had taken a shower, she looked refreshed and other than looking a little wan and sallow, there weren’t any abnormalities with her.

According to what she said, she and that stinky brat were captured by Lord Zhan, and they even crossed hands!

Under such a scenario, she was actually unharmed… this really made Bia Liufeng extremely surprised!

In this way, that stinky brat indeed wasn’t useless, at least he knew that he must protect his Lass Li properly, and that was a positive point about him!

Thinking of this, Bai Liufeng forced himself to nod his head, “Alright then, consider this lad still has some consciousness, and still knows that he has to protect you!”

Although he said that, Bai Liufeng didn’t believe in what Huang Yueli said. A twenty plus year old crossing hands with Lord Zhan, and yet not getting an instant kill? Just thinking about it was impossible! That stinky brat probably hadn’t reached the ninth stage realm peak yet!

It was definitely because of his subordinates and Lass Li’s Senior Brother who came quickly, and hence saved the both of them…

Huang Yueli could tell that Bai Liufeng had already loosened up a little as she hurriedly beamed and fawned on him, “Father don’t worry, how would your daughter’s foresight be so lousy? No matter what, a Tiger Father doesn’t have a puppy for a daughter! Moreover, with Father to back me up, which man has the guts to dare bully me?”

Huang Yueli’s flattery was really slick and she purposely chose those that Bai Liufeng loved to hear.

This acting cute technique was originally used to coax Li Moying, and now that it was used on Bai Liufeng, it was extremely effective as well.

Bai Liufeng’s complexion instantly turned much better.