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Chapter 2392: Li Moying regains consciousness (2)

He hurriedly nodded his head and replied in an extremely complacent manner, “Isn’t that so? Can’t they see whose daughter you are?”

Huang Yueli hurriedly nodded her head and after a few more flattery statements, she changed the topic and said, “Father, the night is not young anymore, do rest up earlier…”

Bai Liufeng swept a glance at her and said, “Lass Li, surely you’re not trying to just say a few words of flattery and to cheat your father to go rest, then you can slip away to accompany that stinky brat right?”

Huang Yueli’s heart pounded wildly!

Wasn’t her father a little too smart? He could even see through this!

She quickly shook her head, “No… No such thing! Father has already said that this isn’t good, how can I not listen to Father?”

When Bai Liufeng heard that, he replied satisfactorily, “This is good, indeed Father’s obedient girl! You guys haven’t eaten for the past few days right? Father will go find some food for you, have a rest then come out in around an hour’s time to have your meal.”

It was until now that Huang Yueli realised that she was so hungry that her chest was sticking to her back.

Ever since they entered the Snow Phoenix Palace, it had been two entire days and they practically had not eaten anything at all.

Everyone’s interspatial rings indeed had some dried food but in a place like the Snow Phoenix Palace where they met with dangers repeatedly, they really didn’t have any mood to eat at all.

Huang Yueli instantly felt touched as she replied, “Father is indeed thoughtful…”

Bai Liufeng stopped and pushed the door of a small courtyard as he continued, “Stay in here first! Blankets, pillows and whatever are all in the storage room on the right side.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and walked in.

After she entered the courtyard door, she realised that she seemed to ask Bai Liufeng a very important matter, and that question was to ask him why he was in the Northern Ice Fields, near Lone Sky Summit!

South Yue Kingdom’s men all rumoured that Bai Liufeng had already died for many years and for over ten years, he indeed had not been back to see her, his daughter…

Now, he suddenly appeared in this place and moreover from the looks of it, he seemed extremely familiar with Snow Phoenix Palace and the surroundings, which apparently meant that he had been staying here for a very long period of time…..

Just what was the inside story to this?

Huang Yueli was filled with questions but yet she had not been able to find a chance to talk about this in detail with Bai Liufeng.

Because Li Moying’s illness was erratic and occupied all of her attention span, hence she could not care about Bai Liufeng.

The truth was that day after she ate with Bai Liufeng, Cang Po Hun then ran over to look for her, saying that Li Moying was tangled in a nightmare and kept on twitching around in pain.

Huang Yueli knew that the reason was because she left his side, hence she hurriedly ran back.

Bai Liufeng wanted to call out to her from her back, but alas, it had no effect at all.

When Li Moying’s illness had not acted up, Huang Yueli was still willing to respect her Father and listen to him but when she really saw Li Moying suffering in pain, she totally could not care about anything else!

No one could supersede Li Moying’s place in her heart!

“Li’er, Li’er… don’t… don’t leave me….. DON’T!”

Huang Yueli ran to the door and heard Li Moying’s hoarse cries.

Her heart instantly wrenched in pain as she took a few quick steps and dashed right next to Li Moying’s bedside.

“Moying, Moying, how are you? Don’t worry, I’m right beside you!”

“Li’er… don’t… die!” He huffed in a low voice.

Huang Yueli sat right next to the bed, as she placed Li Moying’s head on her lap, and gently massaged his temples.