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Chapter 2390: Little gigolo who lives off women (8)

Bai Liufeng had not forgotten that earlier when they were in the Blood Moon Great Array, he was the one who stood in the middle of the blood pool and saved Huang Yueli out from the three attacking Demonic Soul Red Scorpions!

Whereas at this moment, what was this stinky brat doing?

The battle had not even started and he was already unconscious, totally unable to protect his own fiancée!

This kind of trash could forget about touching a single strand of hair on his princess.

Thinking of this, Bai Liufeng’s vision turned to Huang Yueli once again, this lass was still using her handkerchief to wipe the sweat for that stinky brat! She looked really like a little wife, eyesore!

He harrumphed coldly, “You and this lad’s marriage…. We’ll discuss this again! You’d have to let me test this lad’s innate talent and ability first before I can be assured about letting him marry you right? But, now you’re not married yet so how can you sleep on the same bed? There are plenty of rooms here, it isn’t as though you have no place to stay? Come over to Father’s side!”

Huang Yueli originally wanted to say that Li Moying’s illness was very serious and she simply wasn’t assured….

However, looking at the vengeful expression that Bai Liufeng shot towards Li Moying, she started to hesitate.

Looked like Bai Liufeng seemed to have some misunderstanding towards Li Moying…..

Huang Yueli thought over this for a moment and explained, “Father, you’re thinking too much! I’m only staying here to take care of Moying…..”

“Doesn’t he have his Guardians here? He’s not alone by himself! He doesn’t need you to take care of him!” Bai Liufeng said resolutely.


Huang Yueli was still hesitating if she should speak up about the matter where Li Moying would start having nightmares the minute she left.

But before she could open her mouth, Cang Po Jun butted in and spoke out first, “Grandmaster Huang, leave this to This Subordinate, please be assured! With This Subordinate around, I will absolutely not let anything happen to Sovereign. You’ve been tired out for the past two days so it’s better to have a good rest. Moreover, Marquis Bai and yourself have not met for more than a decade so you must have a lot of things to talk about!”

While Cang Po Jun was speaking, he kept throwing signs with his eyes to Huang Yueli.

Cang Po Jun had already mentioned this hence Huang Yueli also started to come around it.

Looked like her father’s misunderstanding towards Li Moying wasn’t just this little bit!

In order to consider their future, she had best not go against Bai Liufeng for the time being!

Anyway after Bai Liufeng had gone to sleep at night, she would still be able to sneak in and look after Li Moying!

If Bai Liufeng found out about what Huang Yueli was thinking in her heart, he would probably faint from anger alive!

Huang Yueli nodded her head and said, “Alright then but Guardian Jun, when you are on night watch, you must take note of the following matters…”

She was like an unceasing torrent and spoke for a long time before she finally managed to wrap up all the matters that he should take note of. Even if Cang Po Jun had an outstanding memory, he couldn’t help but end up with an entire forehead of sweat.

After she finished instructing, she then left with Bai Liufeng.

The two of them had just stepped out of the room when Bai Liufeng swung around growling out in an earnest manner, “Lass Li ah, you’re still young and have not met many men so don’t be deceived by that stinky brat! See that Lad surnamed Li, he came from Blue Profound Sect and does indeed have some status, and his looks is not bad as well so if you’re smitten by him, Father don’t find it strange at all! But just these alone are useless, men….. mainly we still need to see if they have the potential! If they have the ability to protect their own woman, that’s the most important thing!”

Huang Yueli was stunned as she blinked her eyes, momentarily unable to recollect her senses.

To find a man with potential, she knew this point totally.