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Chapter 2386: Little gigolo who lives off women (4)

Liu Buyan was initially worried that Huang Yueli wasn’t able to concentrate but later on he realised that he had thought too much.

Huang Yueli’s psychological state had always been very good. Even though the person who was seriously injured now was her fiancé, but her hands had not once trembled as every needle she pierced was firm and resolute, precise to the finest detail. Even if it were other high levelled Pill Masters who were rich in experience, not many of them were able to express themselves so steadily.

Golden needle acupuncture was an extremely delicate yet extremely exhausting process.

About two hours later, the two of them finally completed this treatment.

Momentarily, the both of them heaved a breath of relief.

Liu Buyan wiped the sweat off his forehead as he stood up, “Alright, now that his meridians and internal organs damage has basically been restored, following this he will just need to lie down quietly to recuperate. Originally this fellow just doesn’t listen to the doctor’s instructions and is always running about which makes me worry. Now anyway he can’t move and can only just lie down, that will save me some trouble. Following this, I will try my best to refine the Purified Pill.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and spoke out gratefully from the bottom of her heart, “Senior Brother, I really must thank you greatly. If not for you, Moying would have long ago…. The gratitude that you have gifted to us, I will never forget it forever.”

Liu Buyan took a look at her and his lips curled upwards, but with a slight bitterness.

“We’re all friends, what’s there to say thanks about?”

What he wanted was never a word of thanks, but unfortunately, the deepest hope that he genuinely wished for in his inner heart, could no longer be triggered forever…..

“Alright, we’re pressed for time so let’s not talk much for now. Follow what I told you earlier, administer the golden needle acupuncture once a day for Li Moying daily, ensure that his body is maintained in the best condition. I will be going behind closed doors to refine the pill for the next few days.”

Saying that, he nodded his head towards Huang Yueli and turned around to leave.

Huang Yueli looked at his departing figure as she could somehow sense Liu Buyan’s thoughts.

Exactly because of this, she felt even more guilty in her heart, hopefully in the near future, her Senior Brother would also be able to find that person who he genuinely likes…

As the golden needle acupuncture exhausts a lot of Profound Energy, moreover today Huang Yueli had consecutively met with danger in the Blood Moon Spell, her exhaustion was tremendous.

Earlier when Liu Buyan was around, she could still force herself to hold on but now that there were no other outsiders, she immediately felt a sense of tiredness sweeping across her entire body, even her eyelids could not stay open.

However, her entire body was stained with the blood from the blood pool and was extremely dirty. However she was not able to take it if she had to climb up into bed like this.

Luckily, she had Spirit Saint Spring Water in her Sky Phoenix Ring’s space.

Huang Yueli retrieved the spring water from her interspatial ring and in her fastest speed possible, she took a shower and changed into a set of dry clothes before she went back to lie down beside Li Moying.

Huang Yueli turned over and her eyes slid past Li Moying’s upright brows, long but curly eyelashes, straight nose and the pair of cold thin lips… he laid on the bed, quietly without moving, like a perfectly sculpted model.

For that instance, Huang Yueli suddenly had a terrified feeling arising in her heart.

Really extremely worried that Li Moying would just remain like this forever, not moving…..

It was until she placed her hand on Li Moying’s chest, to feel his heart beating with vigor, before she was able to put her heart slightly at ease…

Tiredness attacked her once again and Huang Yueli’s petite body curled up, as she snuggled totally into Li Moying’s arms, her face plastered onto Li Moying’s chest, listening to his stable heartbeat and she quickly fell into deep sleep.

Outside the door.

The minute Liu Buyan came out, he saw the three people standing at the entrance of the door.

Bai Liufeng’s arms were crossed around his chest, and his brows were slightly creased.