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Chapter 2387: Little gigolo who lives off women (5)

Whereas Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Hun, were evidently bearing terrified looks.

Apparently, when facing a top exponent like Bai Liufeng made them feel extremely pressurized.

Moreover, Bai Liufeng was their master’s father-in-law, someone whom even Li Moying could not afford to offend, hence the both of them didn’t dare to speak out recklessly.

But even though they didn’t want to say much, but Bai Liufeng had a pile of questions to interrogate them with.

Without Li Moying and Huang Yueli’s hints, there were many things which Cang Po Jun and all did not dare to speak about recklessly.

Such an awkward situation made the both of them squeeze out cold sweat, as the pressure they bore was as heavy as a mountain.

Finally, after waiting for a long time, they managed to wait it out till Liu Buyan finished the treatment, which was considered as being relieved of their ordeal. Momentarily, the gaze which they shot towards Liu Buyan, seemed as though they had seen their saviour.

Liu Buyan saw their puppy eyes looking at them and his heart jumped.

Before he could even react in time, Bai Liufeng already coughed slightly as he opened his mouth, “I’ve not expected that your distinguished self is Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Divine Doctor, Divine Doctor Liu, earlier I’ve really disgraced myself! Thank you very much for taking care of my daughter.”

Liu Buyan was stunned and instantly understood that it should have been Cang Po Jun and the others who told Bai Liufeng about this.

He hurriedly cupped his fist into the other hand and said, “You’ve flattered me. Li’er is my Junior Sister and our Master likes her very much. She is still young so it’s only natural that I have to take care of her a little more.”

Bai Liufeng nodded his head, as he stopped with the formalities.

His Li’er was able to join Dai Boqi’s wing to become Senior Brother and Junior Sister with the Number One Divine Doctor, this indeed was out of his expectations but from what Bai Liufeng thought, his daughter naturally had outstanding innate talent where no one could match, so to be chosen by Dai Boqi was really nothing curious about.

His topic took a change as he asked, “Divine Doctor Liu, earlier you mentioned that for the stinky…..cough cough, for Young Sect Master Li, you were going to administer treatment using golden needles acupuncture, is the treatment completed already?”

Liu Buyan thought he was worried about Li Moying’s injuries as he hurriedly replied, “He has just underwent treatment, Marquis Bai please be assured! For meridians injuries, as long as one received timely treatment, the problem isn’t too big.”

However, Bai Liufeng frowned, “Then… why is it that you’re the only one who came out, where’s Lass Li?”

“Ughh… eh?”

Liu Buyan was truly shocked as he totally did not expect Bai Liufeng to ask this question at all!

By the time he had a change in thoughts, he then suddenly realised that although Li Moying and Huagn Yueli were already engaged, but they weren’t officially married and for a lone man and woman to stay alone in a room, and also to spend the night together, was indeed not suitable….

But in the eyes of those who knew the two lifetimes’ feelings between the both of them, they had long deemed them as husband and wife, so they had never felt that something was wrong about this.

But to Bai Liufeng, this problem was very serious.

Looking at the expression on Liu Buyan’s face, Bai Liufeng’s expression immediately sank, “What’s going on? Lass Li is still inside? Why hasn’t she come out yet?”

Liu Buyan gave a dry cough as he avoided the details and touched on the brief, “This… Marquis Bai, you know that after the golden needle acupuncture, the patient is extremely frail and sometimes they might even suffer from convulsions in the middle of the night so he definitely needs someone by his side. Junior Sister is worried about her fiance, so she stayed behind to take care of him…”

Bai Liufeng replied unsatisfactorily, “Take care? What does that stinky brat have, to get Lass Li to take care of him! Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master is that great? Moreover speaking, he still has these two Guardians here, can’t they take care of him?”

“This….” Liu Buyan didn’t know how to reply as well.