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Chapter 2385: Little gigolo who lives off women (3)

Seeing Lass Li in this state, her entire mind on that stinky little brat, totally throwing him – her father behind her mind cleanly, even if he wanted to ask her anything, she wouldn’t have any heart to reply to him at all.

He might as well take this opportunity while that stinky brat was still unconscious, to catch those two subordinates of his and interrogate them to see what that stinky brat did, to cheat his Lass Li into his hands!

As the saying went, ‘Know the enemy and yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat’.

Knowing that stinky brat’s plot, wouldn’t he be able to remove the firewood from beneath the cauldron?

After Bai Liufeng left, Liu Buyan brought Huang Yueli along to administer acupuncture for Li Moying.

“Junior Sister, this is your first time being responsible for administering acupuncture for a patient so you must be extremely careful. Li Moying has an extremely complicated case of meridians and internal organs injury this time round and even seventh ranked Pill Masters aren’t able to manage this situation. Moreover you’re still a freshman, so by rights, I shouldn’t ask of you to be my assistant… but, now there’s no other way and Li Moying’s injury cannot be delayed any longer….”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and interrupted his words, “Senior Brother, don’t worry. I can handle it well.”

Seeing Liu Buyan’s grave and serious expression, she naturally knew clearly that Li Moying’s situation was definitely extremely bad.

Otherwise, Liu Buyan who had always been extremely confident of his own medical skills, in light of ordinary people’s serious injuries, had always been an appetiser to him so when he was administering the golden needle acupuncture, he would generally not require any assistance at all.

Liu Buyan took a deep look at her, and didn’t say anything else.

He didn’t doubt his Junior Sister’s innate talent and power of comprehension but was only worried that because the person who was injured was Li Moying, which would inevitably affect her normal standard.

“Alright then let’s start! Pay attention to my commands!”

Liu Buyan’s words were out and with that, his finger flipped and a golden needle was held firmly in his hands.

Immediately following that, as his fingers flew, rays of golden light flashed past and the golden needles were pierced one after another into Li Moying’s acupoints around his body.

Golden needle acupuncture, not only was the position of every single piece of golden placed could not be wrong, moreover, the depth of the insertion and the angle was meticulously calculated. Not only so, as the golden needles were pierced into his body, Liu Buyan’s wood attributed Profound energy also started to flow into Li Moying’s body.

Wood attribute was useful in aiding germination and had a nourishing effect, so using wood attributed Profound Energy to invigorate meridians’ regeneration power, it would also enable the meridians which were damaged to recuperate at the fastest speed possible.

After Liu Buyan pierced the golden needles, he spoke out softly, “Junior Sister, prepare yourself a little. Later when I pull out the golden needles, you will pierce those golden needles in your hands into those remaining few acupoints…”

As Li Moying’s injury was rather serious, a round of acupuncture wasn’t enough to cure him entirely, and it would take at least four rounds of treatment.

But in this entire process, the Profound Energy which was administered for acupuncture could not be cut off otherwise it would lose its effectiveness.

Hence at the same time when Liu Buyan pulled out the needles, he would also require Huang Yueli to immediately cover his position and this timing needed to be grasped exactly without any sense of hesitation and freshmen usually found it hard to be so resolute and would often make mistakes.

But these problems did not surface with Huang Yueli at all.

Her slender delicate fingers held the golden needles tightly, injecting wood attributed Profound energy into the golden needles and immediately following that, she entered a trance.

In her heart, all the distracting thoughts had all been swept aside and in her eyes, there were only Li Moying’s acupoints and also the gestures where Liu Buyan pulled out the needles….

One needle, followed by another.