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Chapter 2384: Little gigolo who lives off women (2)

“In the Northern Ice Fields, there are quite a number of such early historical remains like this, and this place was discovered by me accidentally. Although this place is extremely concealed, Lord Zhan and the others weren’t able to find it, so I’ve been hiding here in seclusion for a long period of time…”

Hearing Bai Liufeng’s words, everyone’s doubts did not decrease, but instead they were even more befuddled.

Bai Liufeng abandoned his biological daughter for more than a decade, running over to Northern Ice Fields alone, and from the looks of it, it seemed that he seemed to be targeting Lord Zhan and the forces behind him… why was this? What was he trying to do?

Huang Yueli also had a lot of questions on her mind but the man in her arms was still unconscious so she momentarily didn’t have the heart to think about all these.

“Father, is the guest room over that side? I’ll carry Moying in to rest first, can I trouble you to find a larger room for my Senior Brother so that it will be more convenient for him to refine pills…..”

As Huang Yueli said that, she carried Li Moying and entered a small building on the right side, on her own.

“Lass Li…”

Bai Liufeng wanted to stop her, however, Huang Yueli had already entered the house by herself.

As it was the inner part of the snowy mountain which was isolated, so even if no one had stayed in this room for a very long time, the inside was still spotless.

The décor inside the room was very simple, with only a very hard bed, a table and a few chairs.

Moreover, the previous owner of this cave dwelling was a practitioner who cultivated in ice attributed cultivation method so there wasn’t even a piece of blanket on the bed. Even the substance of the bed was sculpted out entirely of ice.

If a patient like Li Moying were to lie on this kind of bed, perhaps his illness might worsen.

Luckily Huang Yueli kept a number of daily necessities inside the space of Sky Phoenix Ring so pillows or whatever is all readily available. She quickly retrieved it all out and spread it all over then placing Li Moying onto the bed as she covered him with the blanket.

Looking at the greenish colour slowly fading away from Li Moying’s face, his arms also started to gain a little bit of warmth, it was then when Huang Yueli finally could relax a little.

Cang Po Jun, Cang Po Hun also followed along, as they looked worriedly at Li Moying.

Liu Buyan sat beside the bed and stretched out his hand as he took Li Moying’s pulse and moments later, he spoke out gravely, “Junior Sister, Li Moying had been overly exhausted in the Blood Moon Spell earlier and it has not only damaged his primordial spirit, moreover it has also affected his meridians and internal organs…. Luckily we managed to leave in time, otherwise if we were to stay for a couple more hours in the array, he might suffer from residual effects later on…..”

“I’m going to use the golden needles acupuncture to first help him unblock his meridians otherwise even if he takes the Purified Pill, I’m afraid that there isn’t any way for him to absorb it successfully.”

Saying that, Liu Buyan turned around, indicating for the others to step back, “Will Senior Bai and both Guardians please leave us for a moment. The golden needles acupuncture required silence and cannot be disturbed. Junior Sister will stay alone to help me and that will do.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head. She had learnt quite a lot from Dai Boqi by now and plus the fact that her comprehension power was very high, she had already grasped the basic foundation of golden needle acupuncture skill.

Of course, with a ninth ranked Divine Doctor like Liu Buyan around, there was no chance for her to take action but as an assistant, she was completely qualified for this.

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Hun knew about this long ago hence they didn’t find it odd and turned around to leave.

Bai Liufeng also followed along, wanting to see what illness had this stinky brat who had abducted his Lass Li contracted, but in the end, before he could even find out anything, he was being chased out again.

Bai Liufeng wasn’t very willing but with a change in his thoughts, he turned around to leave the room.