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Chapter 2378: Bai Liufeng appears (2)

The white robed man split up the bloody water to reveal the stone platform on the bottom of the blood pool, and after that, he slowly descended onto the stone platform.

On seeing his hands forming a gesture to strike out a certain number of hand gestures, following that the outer boundary of the stone platform’s array pattern seemed to light up one after another, and lastly when the last bolt of golden ray ascended, it enveloped the entire stone platform in the middle.

These few hand gestures were almost the same as what Huang Yueli had previously researched on earlier.

She could tell that white robed man should be a powerful Array Master with great abilities and his array skills mastery might possibly be higher than Cang Po Yu, who was known as the Continent’s Number One Array Master.

Not only so, in the process when the white robed man activated the array, the blood pool’s water started to be obstructed by the wind attributed Profound Energy to a certain distance away.

Huang Yueli and the others were all dumbstruck from seeing this.

The white robed man urged, “What are you all looking at? The array is going to be activated immediately, if you still don’t head over, then you won’t be able to leave!”

The few of them seemed as though they had woken up from their dream and Huang Yueli carried Li Moying to enter the array first, followed by the others who were lined up behind her closely.

The moment they all stepped into the array, the golden light expanded and completely blocked their sight.

Not knowing how long it had been, by the time the crowd regained their vision and opened their eyes, they discovered that they had already stood on the snowy grounds again, and in front of them was a vast and boundless land of white snowfield and ice mountains.

“Ah, we’re out! We’re finally out! We’ve really left that goddamn place!” Cang Po Jun almost jumped up in excitement.

They entered the Snow Phoenix Palace only for a total of two days but they had experienced numerous life and death crisis in the Underground Palace and even trapped in the Blood Moon Great Array, so they almost thought that they wouldn’t be able to leave this place!

After experiencing these matters, to be able to see this ordinary, desolated snow scenary, it made them all feel extremely touched.

The white robed man put his hands behind his back and said, “Alright, this is the foot of Lone Sky Summit. I believe you should know your way to leave the Northern Ice Fields. I still have something important to handle so I won’t be seeing you off!”

When Cang Po Jun heard that, he immediately stood up to bow, showing his respect to that white robed man as he voiced out his gratitude from the depths of his heart, “Many thanks to your distinguished self for your help. We cannot thank you more for the grace that you’ve shown us. If Senior needs anything in future, just come over to Blue Profound Sect…”

“Wait!” Cang Po Jun had not even finished his words when he was interrupted by Liu Buyan.

Liu Buyan walked in front of the white robed man and first hesitated for a moment, apparently feeling a little difficult but in the end he still clenched his teeth and spilled out the words in his mouth.

“This… Senior, many thanks to your distinguished self for helping us. Actually… we shouldn’t give you any more trouble but… as you can see, we have a comrade who is seriously injured and to tell you the truth, if you’re unable to refine the medicinal pill within six days to save him, he would most probably be crippled! We don’t have much time left and by the time we leave the Northern Ice Fields to save him, it will be too late! Your distinguished self should be extremely familiar with the Northern Ice Fields, do I wonder if you can tell us if there’s any place which is slightly more secure and would not be disrupted?We need a place that we can stay for a few days to help our comrade treat his injuries first.”

The white robed man jolted when he heard that and his brows creased slightly, apparently feeling like he was put in a tight spot.

Liu Buyan finished his words and didn’t say a single word more, just waiting for the other party to reply.

Actually he also knew that the request that he stated, made things a little too difficult for him.

The white robed man’s identity was a mystery and he had such powerful ability, but yet he refused to tell his own name so apparently he must have something secretive that he needed to do.