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Chapter 2377: Bai Liufeng appears (1)

What that white robed man said was right, if he wanted to harm them, he just simply didn’t need to help and that would do.

Speaking of that, he was considered as their saviour!

Liu Buyan kept on interrogating this person like this, it was simply an extremely disrespectful thing.

But now they were stuck in this evil goddamn place where the Blood Moon Great Array was, and whereas he needed to protect his Junior Sister and Li Moying behind him, he had no choice but to choose to act prudently.

“This… what your distinguished self said is right! Many thanks to your distinguished self for lending a helping hand. We will definitely return the grace that you have shown us today, in future!”

White robed man seemed as though he didn’t recognise Liu Buyan so naturally he didn’t know just how valuable this Number One Divine Doctor’s favour was worth.

He shook his head indifferently, “Just merely lending a hand, no need to take it to heart. This place is set up with the Blood Moon Great Array and it would not stop absorbing a practitioner’s Profound Energy so I’d better bring you guys out of this place first!”

“Leave this place??” Hearing that, everyone gave an astonished look!

Earlier they tried to think of all the ways and Huang Yueli even risked entering the blood pool, almost being bitten to death by those Demonic Soul Red Scorpions and even if it was that, they were still unable to find a way out.

Whereas this white robed man, actually just casually spoke out to say that he would bring them out?

Thinking of how the white robed man suddenly teleported to the water above the blood pool, that relaxed look, it seemed as though this was his turf which he could enter or leave at ease anytime…

Thinking of this, the few of them present all felt that it was rather fascinating and earlier, they had already erased a little bit of their security and now the alarms were ringing once again.

Liu Buyan spoke out, “Your distinguished self can really bring us out of this place? We have an extremely outstanding Armament Master among us but yet we weren’t able to find a way to leave this place! Moreover if your distinguished self is not on Lord Zhan’s side, then you must have something important to do since you’re taking the risk to enter the Blood Moon Great Array? If you bring us out of this place now, will it delay your matters?”

White robed man took a look at him with a smile which didn’t quite look like a smile, evidently seeing through his defensive heart.

However, he wasn’t angry as he merely gestured towards Li Moying’s direction and said, “I really do want to do something first before bringing you out, but you have a comrade who is injured, isn’t it? If you keep on staying in this array, even if he isn’t bitten by those red scorpions, it would also result in a huge injury on his blood and qi and if time dragged on, even the best Pill Master will not be able to save him!”

When Liu Buyan heard that, his face flushed red once again.

Hearing the meaning from these words, he seemed as though he was being kind hearted. He could tell that Li Moying was almost dying hence he put his own matters aside to help them, but was still being suspected by them in this manner.

“This… then we’ll have to trouble your distinguished self…”

Liu Buyan turned his head back to take a look at Huang Yueli and on seeing her nodding her head, he didn’t hesitate any longer as he agreed to it.

The white robed man nodded his head and without saying anything else, his figure swayed and appeared right above the blood pool again.

His right hand raised up and the blood pool’s serene and muddy water split into two sides, his actions were light and easy, as though it didn’t take any effort at all.

This scene was recorded into Huang Yueli’s mind, as her heart was blushing with shame.

Earlier she literally used up all her strength to make the bloody water split open for a second and moreover, it was all relying on the heaven defying deviant flame True Phoenix Fire.

Whereas this white robed man used a wind attributed Profound Skill and she didn’t know if he had concealed his ability or if he indeed was a wind attributed practitioner….

Wind attribute towards Demonic Soul Red Scorpions couldn’t curb them much and to be able to create this kind of effect, it could only be due to his profound skills.