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Chapter 2379: Bai Liufeng appears (3)

Under this kind of situation where they came together by chance, that person was able to draw time out to take the risk to save them from the Blood Moon Great Array and that itself was a huge favour.

Now, he even asked him for help to find a safe place for treating injuries…

Thinking of this, it really was asking for a foot when they had gotten an inch.

If it was usual timed, Liu Buyan would never be so indiscreet even if it took his life, but now Li Moying’s life was on the brink and as compared to past life best buddy’s life, being embarrassed was considered as nothing so he had to grab on to any chances he had to give it a try.

The white robed man hesitated for a while and still shook his head, “Gentlemen… it’s not that I’m not willing to help you. The truth is… The Sacred Phoenix Race and I have been enemies for many years and Lord Zhan views me as a thorn in his flesh so I’m not considered safe in the Northern Ice Fields, nor do I have any way to help you!”

Everyone could tell the reluctance in white robed man’s words.

But this was human nature and no one was able to criticize him for this.

Liu Buyan didn’t know what he should say momentarily and at this moment, Huang Yueli handed Li Moying over to Cang Po Hun, as she stood out.

“Senior, I don’t know why you are enemies with Lord Zhan but since you’ve taken the risk to enter Snow Phoenix Palace, then this junior boldly deduces that you should be searching for something in the Underground Palace?”

The white robed man heard her opening her mouth to speak and his body jolted vigorously, as he immediately turned his head towards her.

Huang Yueli thought that it was the contents that she had touched that attracted his attention hence she started speaking even more confidently, “Senior, allow me to introduce myself. I am a seventh ranked Armament Master and although my ability isn’t very high, but I believe I have enough experience and absolutely not lesser than the other Armament Masters. I can tell that Senior’s mastery in array skills is very high but slightly weaking in terms of mechanisms. No matter what you plan to do when you enter Snow Phoenix Palace, if you cooperate with me, it will definitely be much more convenient.”

“As long as Senior is willing to help, to find us a nearby place which is safe and concealed, I will try my best to help…”

Huang Yueli’s words were not completed when she suddenly opened her mouth wide, and all the remaining words were all stuck at the back of her throat.

The white robed man suddenly turned around and walked towards her in a few big strides, his pair of eyes looking straight at her, that gaze carried hints of urgency and excitement.

“Sen… Senior?” Huang Yueli frowned, instinctively feeling something was not quite right and she subconsciously took a step backwards.

Whoever knew that white robed man also followed suit and took a step forward, moreover as though he was afraid of her escaping, he held on to her chin and lifted up her face, looking closely without blinking at all.

His actions were very sudden hence right from the start, Liu Buyan and the others were not able to respond in time.

By the time he restrained Huang Yueli, the few of them were then alarmed and the Profound Armaments in their hands were all unsheathed, as they surrounded the white robed man in the centre.

“Your distinguished self… what are you trying to do? Quickly let go of my Junior Sister!” Liu Buyan held the Ossein Fan in his hands rightly, as he stared hard at the white robed man’s hand.

Taking action towards a lady without any prior indications, what was this considered as? Could it be that he was smitten by Huang Yueli’s beauty?

To think that he had previously assumed that white robed man was a good person! He actually… actually was so dirty-minded?

Liu Buyan was worried that he would injure Huang Yueli hence he didn’t dare to act recklessly.

Cang Po Jun’s brows were also tightly knitted, “Your distinguished self, what are you trying to do to Young Miss Bai? She’s only sixteen this year and moreover, she’s already engaged to our Young Sect Master!”