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Chapter 2375: Someone’s still alive? (5)

Liu Buyan was so anxious that he kept fidgeting, wishing that he could put himself on a plate, add some sauce and deliver himself to the mouths of those Demonic Soul Red Scorpions.

However, they were just uninterested in him.

Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun directly jumped into the blood pool and unleashed their most powerful Profound skill, as they did not hold back while unleashing their attacks on those Demonic Soul Red Scorpions!

But that was only able to stop them for a couple of breaths!

“Cre~ack… Cre~ack…..”

The Demonic Soul Red Scorpions tough shells started to surface cracks under the two ninth stage realm peak practitioners’ attacks!

Red scorpions body swayed a little as they lifted up their pincers and turned towards Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun.

Liu Buyan’s heart leapt with joy as he hurriedly provoked the other party, “Quickly come, look this way! We’re the two who injured you, quickly come over!”

For that one moment, the Demonic Soul Red Scorpions seemed as though they were about to pounce towards them but however, they merely hesitated for a short duration of time before they turned right back!

“Damn it!”

Liu Buyan cursed irritably but they weren’t able to stop those scorpions from charging towards Huang Yueli once again!

Luckily, he managed to snatch some time for Huang Yueli, which allowed her to come out with a swift judgement to open up the Sky Phoenix Ring’s space and prepared to let Little Phoenix out!

Now that it had come to this, she couldn’t be bothered to consider if she would expose her own secret, at least she ought to continue living before she could consider the future!

However, just as Huang Yueli was about to unleash her last ace…..

A wave of Profound Energy fluctuation suddenly came from the middle of the blood pool and following that, a ray of golden light flashed past.

A figure dressed in white clothes suddenly appeared above the blood pool.

Immediately following that, they heard the white robed man making a surprised sound as he spoke out astonishedly, “What’s going on? Someone’s still alive….. in this Blood Moon Great Array?”

Cang Po Jun and the others’ attentions were all concentrated on Huang Yueli as they unleashed their full strength to attack the Demonic Soul Red Scorpions with no spare concentration to care about other things.

Even if they noticed the golden light which flashed past from the centre of the blood pool, they had no time to take a careful look.

It was right until the white robed man’s mild and tranquil voice rang before they abruptly got a shock, and realised that… someone actually came inside to this array!

“Who… who is that!”

To be able to enter the centre of the Blood Moon Great Array without a trace, this absolutely wasn’t an ordinary person!

Alarms in Liu Buyan’s heart instantly started clanging loudly!

However, before he could say anything else, the white robed man’s figure suddenly flashed and at the next moment, he already appeared in thin air, above Huang Yueli’s head!

Even top rated exponents like Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun weren’t able to see his action clearly!

Just as Liu Buyan lost the colour in his face, the white robed man had already flicked the sleeve of his robe and a hurricane was swung out following his action and the two brandishing Demonic Soul Red Scorpions instantly flew up into the sky under one move of his, as they crashed heavily outside the blood pool!

He turned around and met with the third Demonic Soul Red Scorpion in front of Huang Yueli as he prepared to make a move. Just then he saw that red scorpion shiver and it actually didn’t dare to attack him, but instead it slowly retreated backwards to a distance away before it submerged itself into the water and vanished without a trace.

Those two Demonic Soul Red Scorpions which were swung out of the blood pool didn’t sustain heavy injuries, and flipped around to crawl up from the ground.

But they didn’t dare to climb back but silently snuck back to the bottom of the water from the other end of the blood pool.

All these happened too quickly and those four present totally had not managed to recover their senses, as all of them looked with their eyes popping out and mouth agape, at the white robed man.