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Chapter 2374: Someone’s still alive? (4)

However, these two Demonic Soul Red Scorpions seemed as though there was an unspeakable stubbornness about them as they totally ignored both ninth stage realm peak practitioner’s attacks, as they just worked themselves up to stick behind Huang Yueli’s back. No matter how Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun tried to provoke them, they totally didn’t even turn their heads back to take a second look.

Liu Buyan was so anxious that he almost jumped up and howled, “Damn it! You retarded scorpions, quickly look over here! We are in ninth stage realm and our blood and qi’s energy are definitely more flourishing than that young lass, do you know how to look for food or not? I’m definitely much more delicious than her?”

He was so infuriated that he spoke out nonsensically.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the occasion wasn’t right, Huang Yueli almost burst out laughing.

Actually, she knew clearly that these two Demonic Soul Red Scorpions weren’t silly in following after her, and that’s because her innate talent was much higher than Liu Buyan and the others!

If the contents of what Liu Buyan had read in the ancient records was true, the Demonic Soul Red Scorpions were not after a practitioner’s blood, but the legendary spiritual root! It was imaginable that her spiritual root, to those red scorpions, should be extremely delicious…

But with Liu Buyan and others’ disruptions, at least, the speed of the Demonic Soul Red Scorpions decreased slightly.

Huang Yueli expended her full effort to swim forward and she had a rough gauge in her mind, feeling that she should still have a chance to swim onshore before she was caught and eaten up.

Even though the situation was extremely anxious, but Huang Yueli was still able to maintain her composure while moving and battling at the same time, totally not disoriented at all.

On seeing that she was just a short distance away from the shore, Huang Yueli worked up all her hard work to move her two arms as her speed increased, hoping to reach the shore at one go!

However, at this moment…

She heard a splashing sound and a water screen suddenly rose up in front of Huang Yueli!

At the same time, a wave of strong Profound Energy fluctuations came surging over!

Huang Yueli’s eyes were blurry and immediately following that, she saw a gigantic sized Demonic Soul Red Scorpion surfacing abruptly from the water!

The third Demonic Soul Red Scorpion!

This Demonic Soul Red Scorpion, although much smaller than the other two, but was at least four to five meters tall and it’s two huge and sharp pincers were dancing around as it’s strong and powerful tail kept swaying to and fro.

A pair of tiny eyes protruded out as it was gleaming with brutally cold light, as it stared at Huang Yueli intently.

Huang Yueli almost died of fright because this Demonic Soul Red Scorpion was simply too close to her! If it wasn’t for the fact that her reaction was fast enough, by this moment she would have long dashed under the pincers of the third Demonic Soul Red Scorpion, to become a delicacy who had offered herself.

Luckily, her reaction was shockingly swift and she was able to stop in the nick of time.

But even so, the danger that she was facing totally didn’t lessen at all!

Because now there were two Demonic Soul Red Scorpions chasing after her and the distancing was shortening whereas right in front of her was a brand new Demonic Soul Red Scorpion blocking her way!

Under the blockages from the front and the back, she had no more way out!

It would only take two breaths for those Demonic Soul Red Scorpions to chase up to her!

Even though she turned towards the left or the right, she would only be able to swim for ten over meters and the Demonic Soul Red Scorpions’s huge pincer only needed to brandish and it would be game over for her!

Even if Huang Yueli was extremely knowledgeable and had rich experience where she had faced various kinds of fatal crisis, she felt a thorough bitter coldness that cut right into her bones right now!

“Damn it! Why would there be a third Demonic Soul Red Scorpion? Just how many big scorpions are there in this pool??”

“Dumbass, retard, look over here! Junior Sister that skinny bone, wouldn’t taste good at all!”