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Chapter 2376: Someone’s still alive? (6)

The white robed man turned his head back as he grabbed Huang Yueli’s collar and pulled her up from the bloody water, leaving her on shore.

After that he slowly landed onto the ground.

Even though earlier he was in the blood pool, brazenly took action to push back those three ninth tiered Demonic Soul Red Scorpions in an overbearing manner, but his clothes were not stained with a single bit of the bloody water and his entire white robe was still spotless and clean.

He put his hands behind his back and looked at the group as he asked, “Who are the few of you? Have you all been captured by that Lord Zhan to feed the scorpions?”

Upon hearing his question, Huang Yueli went into a daze as she lifted her head to look towards him.

The white robed man was wearing a hoodie and a majority of his face was covered under it hence she wasn’t able to see his looks clearly, only managing to see that pair of warm yet resolute eyes, his gaze was filled with substance as it brushed past everyone.

Not knowing why, she somehow felt as though… she had met this white robed man somewhere, and somehow felt a sense of familiarity for no apparent reason towards him…..

But this kind of peerless and powerful strong exponent… where could she possibly have met him before?

Speaking of that it was rather strange. In the past she had always assumed that Mu Chengying was Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Top Expert and moreover he had been reigning Soaring Heavens Continent for ten over years and he indeed had an overwhelming advantage in terms of ability in front of anyone!

However, after her rebirth, she had already met with two strong exponents who had the same kind of ability as Mu Chengying in his past life.

One was Lord Zhan, the other was this white robed man…..

What on earth was going on?

Huang Yueli’s expression was puzzled and her brows creased slightly. Liu Buyan immediately took a step forward to block her behind him.

He was slightly defensive as he looked at that white robed man and brushed past the important details as he dwelled on the trivialities, “We are disciples from Blue Profound Sect and we have formed a group to come to Northern Ice Fields on an experience learning trip but whoever knew that we were captured by that Lord Zhan and he even threw us to this goddamn place! Who is your distinguished self?”

White robed man could tell that he was telling half of the truth but he didn’t bother to continue asking and only raised his brows.

“Me? I’m…..” He paused for a moment as though he was thinking of what to say and after a short pause, he shook his head and smiled, “Forget it, I’m just a nobody and even if I tell you my name, you don’t know me anyway!”

Liu Buyan and the others looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what else to say.

A peerlessly strong exponent with such ability, no matter what, he couldn’t be a nobody in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, unless…. He and Lord Zhan had the same motive in mind?

This was because ever since they entered the Snow Phoenix Palace, they had been advancing gradually and entrenching themselves at every single step as they met with countless dangers and it was these which made them filled with security towards every single thing that appeared in this underground palace.

Liu Buyan replied, “Since your distinguished self is not willing to reveal your name, then let’s forget about it. But I still need to ask your distinguished self, what relationship do you have with that Lord Zhan? And why have you appeared in the Blood Moon Great Array?”

The white robed man met with his eyes and laughed, “You’re worried that I will harm you all? To tell you the truth, these Demonic Soul Red Scorpions are all reared by Lord Zhan here, his motive is to draw out the practitioner’s spiritual root to refine into pills. The few of you have outstanding innate talent and are all good ingredients for refining pills! If I’m one of Lord Zhan’s men, then I wouldn’t have bothered to save you all earlier! Feeding you to those red scorpions, wouldn’t that save me the trouble of explaining?”

Hearing this, Liu Buyan’s face was filled with a slight hint of embarrassment.