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Chapter 2373: Someone’s still alive? (3)

In order to attain this aim, she only needed to decode a little part of the array, as the difficulty dropped drastically.

Although she very much wanted to save all the Blue Profound Sect’s disciples from the blood pool, but now that they weren’t even able to save their on skins, there was no way for her to dabble too much in other matters hence she could only focus on thinking of a way to escape this place first. As for the others, they could only wait for Li Moying’s illness to recover and after he regained his ability would he then be able to return to save them.

After Huang Yueli set her mind on this, the actions on her hands became even faster.

Not too long later, she had already touched the entire railing one round and at the same time, she already had a preliminary idea on how to activate the transportation array.

Her memory was very good and right now, she had already memorised all the array patterns in her mind.

Huang Yueli had more or less found out everything as she prepared to surface up the water to discuss with Liu Buyan and the others on their next course of action.

However, just as her leg kicked off and was preparing to float upwards…..

There was a sudden surge of powerful Profound Energy fluctuation coming from the water in the blood pool. The waters shook vigorously and the impact crashed against Huang Yueli’s chest, almost causing her to lose her footing.

At the same time, she could distinctively sense that there was something in the water, and it was pressing near her at an alarming speed!

Alarm bells in Huang Yueli’s heart instantly rang and her bodily reflexes were even faster than her brain as she immediately kicked off and swam upwards in her fastest speed ever!

However, a gigantic pincer came crashing down towards the top of her head!

Huang Yueli turned her head to one side to avoid the sharp, gigantic pincer’s front and at the same time, instantly unleashed an explosive True Phoenix Fire in her body, enveloping herself and turning herself into a burning fire ball!

The thing which attacked her was apparently afraid of this extremely powerful deviant flame as its action took a halt!

Water could curb fire and the raging fire could not last for long in the icy cold pool water hence the full power of the True Phoenix Fire only lasted for three breaths before it extinguished completely.

But Huang Yueli had already grabbed hold of the chance, to try her best to surface out of the water.

Her head popped out to hear Liu Buyan crying out with all his might, “Junior Sister!! You… Quickly swim towards the right side and leave the blood pool immediately!”

Huang Yueli was still a little blurry but she subconsciously listened to Liu Buyan’s instruction as she swam towards the right side!

As she swam, she used strength to flick away the bloody water which was stuck onto her face, bearing with the intense pain to keep her eyes open only to discover that… there were two gigantic Demonic Soul Red Scorpions which were pursuing after her relentlessly! Two!

These two Demonic Soul Red Scorpions seemed even larger than the one which they joined hands to kill earlier, as they brandished their huge pincers, as though it was two large axes, giving off a thud thud sound in the air!

This sound made Huang Yueli’s head go numb as she only needed to use her toenails to think that if she was brushed by those pincers, it was enough to crush her head into a bloody mess.

What was worse of all was when she recalled what Liu Buyan said earlier. This kind of legendary gigantic scorpion was still able to suck away a practitioner’s spiritual root…

She shuddered bitterly in the water and used up every ounce of her energy to swim forward furiously.

The only fortunate thing was that after she surfaced out of the water, the True Phoenix Fire didn’t extinguish that easily.

Huang Yueli attacked the Demonic Soul Red Scorpions behind her with True Phoenix Fire as she swam in the water.

Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun had no longer cared as they dashed forward and attacked the red scorpions with full power, hoping to divert their attention.