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Chapter 2371: Someone’s still alive? (1)

“Finally settled… this enormous scorpion only looks very incredible but in actual fact, it isn’t as horrifying as what I had imagined…. It’s all because of Divine Doctor Liu who made it sound so mysterious and naggy over it, almost scaring me to death!” Cang Po Hun wiped the sweat off his forehead and finally had the mood to crack a joke.

Liu Buyan gave him an angry glower, “I read this from an ancient record, and not just made it up, and definitely not scaring you! If it wasn’t for the fact that Junior Sister has such a powerful ace like the True Phoenix Fire, this scorpion wouldn’t be so easy to deal with!”

Huang Yueli heard them starting to bicker as he hastily said, “Enough, don’t be naggy, there’s not much time left! Guardian Hun, come over and look after Moying, I need to prepare to decode the mechanism.”

When Cang Po Hun heard that, he immediately responded and changed positions with Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli slowly walked closer and when she was just mere meters away from the blood pool, she stopped and her willowy slender brows creased ever so slightly.

“The smell of this blood pool… seems even worse now?” She couldn’t help but cover her nose.

Liu Buyan said, “Perhaps it’s because that Demonic Soul Red Scorpion’s blood had also mixed into the blood pool so the smell is really unbearable. Junior Sister, I have a Water Eschew Pill and it can cut off breathing for a short period of time, so the sensitivity of your smell will also decrease to a large degree, have a pill and try it out?”

Huang Yueli shook her hands and rejected it, “No need, for safety’s sake, it’s better that I don’t eat all these things in case any accidents happen and I’m unable to respond in time…”

She stood by the water and observed for a moment more before she continued to walk up ahead.

Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun followed behind her and helped her clear the surrounding little scorpions.

Huang Yueli took a deep breath and said, “Alright, I’m going down now. It’s best that you don’t follow me otherwise if any accident happens, none of us will be able to escape!”

Liu Buyan was originally feeling extremely anxious and upon hearing this, he felt even uneasier

“Junior Sister, I feel that this poll is really very unsafe, you…. must be very careful!” He instructed once more.

If it was possible, he really wanted to stop Huang Yueli or perhaps helped her enter the blood pool.

But Liu Buyan also knew that now since everyone was trapped in this place, their lives were hanging by the thread and the only way out was in the blood pool below. Moreover Huang Yueli was the only Armament Master who could possibly decode this mechanism to open up the road.

Now there wasn’t any chance to consider anything else, so Huang Yueli must absolutely take this risk!

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “Senior Brother, don’t worry, I will be careful.”

Saying that, her right hand formed a hand seal and a burst of True Phoenix Fire shot out towards the blood pool!

The penetrative and rich fire attributed Profound Energy seemed as though it was like cutting a tofu as it directly split the bloody water in the blood pool into two halves!

The Weeping Soul Red Scorpions in the blood pool had all turned into crisp black corpses under this full attack of hers!

The water split up onto two sides, revealing the stone platform at the bottom of the blood pool!

Even though it was just an instant, it was enough for Huang Yueli and the others to see the densely packed pattern arrays on the stone platform, and there were many other complicated arrays set up around it.

When Huang Yueli saw that, she didn’t hesitate any longer and used the True Phoenix Fire to envelop her entire body as she immediately jumped down into the blood pool.

“Splash splosh” and the pool water which was separated had once again joined together above her head.

“Junior Sister!”

“Grandmaster Huang!”

Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun immediately ran towards the side of the pool as they gazed intently at the centre of the blood pool.