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Chapter 2372: Someone’s still alive? (2)

Unfortunately, no matter how they looked, they had no way to see through the thick bloody water, and all they could see was just ten meters deep.

They could only see small little bubbles that kept popping up from beneath the pool and it were fragmentary Weeping Soul Red Scorpions which caused a ruckus on the surface of the water.

Initially, they were still able to remember with reverence on Huang Yueli’s instruction and maintain their cool, as they waited for her to activate the mechanism and surface on the water.

But after they waited for more than one hour, the two of them started to turn anxious and were finding it difficult to sit or stand.

Although it was said that to high levelled practitioners, not to mention holding their breath for one hour, even if it was to hold their breaths for an entire day, they would not drown to death but this after all wasn’t an ordinary pool, but that extremely evil blood pool! Even if Huang Yueli was protected by the True Phoenix Flame, but that still made them unable to put their hearts completely at ease.

After a moment later, the water bubbles which were surfacing from beneath the water started to increase.

When Cang Po Jun saw that, he was slightly surprised with joy, “Divine Doctor Liu, looks like Grandmaster Huang is preparing to come up! I wonder if she has found any useful leads?”

However, Liu Buyan’s face was filled with a grave expression, “… No good! Quick, quickly go save her!”

“What’s the matter??…. Heavens!”

Before Cang Po Jun could ask him in time, the scene that unfolded in front of him eyes left him completely shocked!

Bottom of the blood pool.

Huang Yueli slowly sunk downwards and in the process of descending, she put on 120% of her concentration as she paid careful attention to the surrounding situation, occasionally eliminating those scattered red scorpions which swam over.

It took a considerable long period of time before she successfully descended onto the base of the water.

The blood pool’s water was not only reeking with pungency and moreover it was extremely murky and dim, totally unable to use one’s naked eye to see the situation below clearly.

But luckily, her senses were rather strong and she was able to use her concentration and touch to sense the surrounding situation.

When Huang Yueli entered the water, she had already put on her silver thread gloves and the moment her feet touched the base of the pool, she started to follow the centre’s stone platform’s surroundings and instantly started feeling her way about.

She didn’t have much time and although the surrounding Weeping Soul Red Scorpions had already been pushed back by her, but they might still possibly gather and attack her and by then, it was necessary for her to retreat. So she could only grasp this free time to thoroughly check out the situation at the bottom of the blood pool.

Huang Yueli soon got things straightened out. The position under her feet was a round shaped huge large stone platform, which was exactly the same as what she saw when she was by the side of the blood pool earlier.

This round shaped stone platform was around two meters wide and the sides were surrounded by a circle of railing carved out from Crimson Blood Soul Jade and on the railing were various kinds of array pattern.

Huang Yueli walked upwards and touched the railing as she felt a sticky sensation immediately.

Right now at this moment, Huang Yueli felt extremely fortunate that she had put on her gloves before she came!

One just needed to think and they would know that this sticky fluid was probably practitioners’ blood which had crystallised after being filtered and coagulated and perhaps it might even be mixed with those red scorpion’s waste and that was really, really disgusting.

Huang Yueli endured the feeling of throwing up as she carefully touched the carved array patterns on the railing, as her mind kept on deducing and analysing these array patterns shape and positions, while reconstructing it at the same time.

These array patterns and mechanisms were all left behind from the ancient times and in terms of complexity, it was almost the same as when she was restoring the ancient mechanism in Ice Serpent Valley.

Huang Yueli instantly judged that she would not be able to entirely decode it in a short period of time.

But luckily, her aim was to activate the transportation array only.